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Iberico Pork Crown Rack Roast - Carre Iberico

Iberico Pork Carre (Rack Roast)

from Spain by Vallehermoso
1 rack - 3.3 lbs frozen $27.81 $91.77 2035401
6 x 1 rack - 3.3 lbs frozen $23.45 $464.31 2035402

Iberico Pork Carre (Rack Roast)

Our Iberico Pork Rack Roast is a hefty, meaty cut taken from the loin area but with the spine removed and the ribs left intact, revealing a crown-like ridge packed densely with meat. Known as Carré Iberico in Spanish, the meat is finely marbled with intramuscular fat, but has a firm texture, requiring a long slow roast or stewing to coax out its juicy inner flavors. The ribs can also be cut apart and grilled as juicy loin chops. Either way, those fine white flecks of fat will melt and naturally baste the meat with nutty-sweet succulence, elevating the flavors and textures to delicious porcine perfection. 

Carre Iberico is made by Vallehermoso. This Spanish company dedicates itself to presenting the highest quality Iberian Pork products to professional chefs, restaurants and home-cooks. Offering immaculate and beautifully marbled cuts such as loins, sausages, hams and chorizos, they care for, raise and feed of all their pigs with the utmost attention to safety and quality, inspecting all products so they meet the strictest international standards.

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2035401 1 rack - 3.3 lbs 2.95 lbs. - 3.50 lbs. $27.81
2035402 6 x 1 rack - 3.3 lbs 17.00 lbs. - 23.00 lbs. $23.45


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