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Grass Fed Tri Tip

Angus Grass Fed Beef Tri Tip

from New Zealand by Angus Pure Special Reserve
2 pieces, 2 lbs ea chilled $15.26 $61.04
2 pieces, 2 lbs ea frozen $13.32 $53.28
12 x 2 pieces, 2 lbs ea chilled $12.20 $585.60
12 x 2 pieces, 2 lbs ea frozen $11.20 $537.60

Angus Grass Fed Beef Tri Tip

Yet another fabulous cut from the sirloin subprimal, the tri tip is a beautifully marbled boneless portion that’s easy to prepare and boasts an approachable price tag. This excellent combination makes tri tip one of our favorite options and a must-have on your weekly dinner rotation.

A relatively small cut its shape has earned it the name triangle steak, but you’ll also see it passing as a bottom sirloin steak, or a Santa Maria steak thanks to its popularity in California. ¾-1 inch thick, the tri tip is a relatively lean cut making it one of the healthier beef options available. But the health benefits of our Angus tri tip don’t stop there! Grass-fed and finished, our beef is already leaner than conventional beef and is jam-packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, in much higher quantities than generic feed-lot beef. Rich in antioxidants and beneficial fats, like CLAs (Conjugated Linoleic Acid ) and omega-3s that are anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting. Our grass-fed beef tri tip is not only good for the tastebuds but also your general well-being!

Sourced from New Zealand's premiere beef distributor, AngusPure, our cattle are raised on the lush grasslands of middle earth’s verdant countryside. A diet consisting of 100% mineral-rich grass lends our delicious Angus beef a singularly delicious taste, making it a favorite among chefs and gourmands around the world! Try this spectacular meat for yourself today and taste the grass-fed difference.

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