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Father's Day Grilling Gifts

Even the best executed grilled dish isn’t complete without its finishing touches. After all, no hotdog can be served without a dash of tangy mustard or hamburger without its obligatory swipe of ketchup. In fact, condiments are the crowning glory to many of our favorite foods, offering that final layer of flavor that ties the whole thing together. Below we’ve compiled some of our most popular grilling condiments. Fan favorites, each of our tasty ingredients will help take your father's grilling to the next level. Perfect grilling gifts for the meat-loving man in your life, your father’s sure to love any of our gourmet products!
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1 - 28 of 56 products
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French Dijon Mustard
French Dijon Mustard
from France by Delouis Fils

Never overpowering, this intense yet smooth sauce delivers a kick to the taste buds, while still retaining a clean and sharp flavor.

5(8 reviews)
Sweet Pimenton de la Vera - Sweet Paprika
Sweet Pimenton de la Vera - Sweet Paprika
from Spain by La Dalia

The famous Spanish smoked paprika, grown and harvested exclusively in the fertile soil of the Tiltar River in La Vera.

5(4 reviews)
Paprika Picante Traditional - Pimenton
Pimeton de la Vera Picante - Hot Smoked Paprika
from Spain by La Vera

Warm, earthy, sweet and hot, discover Pimenton de La Vera, the coveted oakwood-smoked Spanish paprika.

5(4 reviews)
Paprika Bittersweet Traditional - Pimento
Pimenton de la Vera - Traditional Bittersweet Smoked Paprika
from Spain by La Vera

An intensely smoky, sweet and spicy paprika that's essential for authentic Spanish recipes.

5(4 reviews)
Iberico Blood Sausage | Morcilla Iberica | Gourmet Food Store
Morcilla Iberica Blood Sausage
from Spain by Fermin

A classic Morcilla Iberica blood sausage made with succulent Iberico pork fat and blood.

5(3 reviews)
Arrabbiata, Salt & Spices
Arrabbiata, Sea Salt with Chilli Pepper Grinder
from Italy by Il Boschetto

All the seasonings that make the classic Italian sauce great, in a pretty grinder in wood and metal.

5(2 reviews)
Elk Sausage with Madeira Wine
Elk Sausages with Madeira Wine
from United States by Broadleaf

Madeira wine brings a rich, sophisticated sweetness to these hearty elk sausages.

5(2 reviews)
Wagyu Rib Eye Tomahawk Steaks, MS3
Wagyu Beef Tomahawk Steaks, MS3
from Australia by Broadleaf

Large, manly and succulent Australian Wagyu ribeye cuts with frenched bone left in, available in several sizes

5(1 review)
Maldon Smoked Sea Salt
Maldon Smoked Sea Salt
from United Kingdom by Maldon

An exciting new salt with a subtly smoky flavor.

5(1 review)
Grigliata, Salt & Spices
Grigliata Grill Spice Grinder
from Italy by Il Boschetto

A mix of sea salt, juniper, pink pepper, rosemary, bay leaves, and cinnamon to enhance your meats prior to grilling.

5(1 review)
Nahia Organic Espelette Pepper Powder  | Gourmet Food Store
Espelette Pepper Powder
from France by Nahia

A spicy, sweet and fruity Basque pepper that's handpicked, organic and super versatile.

5(1 review)
Mediterraneo, Salt & Spices
Mediterraneo, Sea Salt and Spice Grinder
from Italy by Il Boschetto

Rosemary, sage, bay leaves, oregano, thyme, garlic and sea salt come together to perfectly season dishes.

5(1 review)
Hawaiian Smoked Sea Salt (Alder - Hickory) - Coarse
Hawaiian Smoked Sea Salt (Alder - Hickory) - Coarse
from United States

A deliciously smoky sea salt harvested in Hawaii, smoked in Alder and Hickory woods.

5(1 review)
Wagyu Beef Inside Skirt Steak - Marble Grade 3
Wagyu Beef Inside Skirt Steak MS3
from Australia by Broadleaf

Perfect for a deliciously easy meal, this 100% Australian skirt steak is superb.

4.7(6 reviews)
Merguez Sausage
Lamb Merguez Sausage
from United States by Chateau Royal

This hearty lamb meat sausage blended with exotic spices like warm cinnamon, cayenne and fennel is rich and intense.

4(4 reviews)
Harissa - Mild
Harissa - Mild
by Mina

Lots of red pepper flavor and spices, without tons of heat.

4(3 reviews)
Italian Style Lamb Sausage
Lamb Italian Sausage
from United States by Broadleaf

A flavorful classic Italian-style sausage that blends all-natural grass-fed New Zealand lamb meat with paprika and spices.

Pork Andouille Sausage
Pork Andouille Sausages
from United States by Broadleaf

A rich pork sausage with a gently spicy Cajun twist, ready for Jambalayas, Po Boys, Gumbos and more.

Mix Pepi - Peppercorns
Mix Pepi - Mixed Peppercorn Grinder
from Italy by Il Boschetto

Colorful black, pink, green and white peppercorns are brilliantly captured in this pretty and rechargeable grinder.

Bison Sausage With Chipotle Chilies
Bison Sausages With Chipotle Chilies
from United States by Chateau Royal

These Mexican-inspired bison sausages will add a spicy touch to your backyard barbecues and breakfasts.

Pommery Extra Strong Mustard - Moutarde du Lion | Gourmet Food Store
Extra Strong Mustard - Moutarde du Lion
from France by Pommery

A smooth sieved mustard with a great texture and a flavor that’s in the best tradition of Dijon, intense yet not overpowering.

Black Peppercorns
Black Peppercorn Spice Grinder
from Italy by Il Boschetto

A sleek and practical rechargeable grinder filled with piquant black peppercorns that adjusts to grind from fine to coarse.

Pepato, Salt & Spices Grinder
Pepato, Sea Salt and Spices Grinder
from Italy by Il Boschetto

Bring some flavor and style to the table with this practical and rechargeable spice, sea salt and black pepper grinder.

Sea Salt
Sea Salt Grinder
from Italy by Il Boschetto

This sleek and practical rechargeable grinder, filled with premium sea salt adjusts to grind from fine to coarse

Australian Wagyu Beef Tenderloin MS9 - Whole | Gourmet Food Store
Wagyu Beef Tenderloin MS9 - Whole
from Australia by Greg Norman Signature

Enjoy a buttery texture and rich flavor when you order our whole Australian Wagyu Tenderloin from Greg Norman.

Wagyu Tenderloin Steaks, MS3
Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Steaks, MS3, PRE-ORDER
from Australia by Broadleaf

Deliciously tender and beautifully marbled, these tenderloin steaks are the perfect introduction to the world of Wagyu

Australian Wagyu Beef Tenderloin MS7 - Whole | Gourmet Food Store
Wagyu Beef Tenderloin MS7 - Whole
from Australia by Broadleaf

Ranked MS7 on the Australian grading scale, our Wagyu tenderloin is near the top when it comes to flavor, texture, and of course marbling!

Natural Sea Salt Crystals
Natural Greek Sea Salt Crystals
from Greece by Trikalinos

A fine Greek sea salt full of minerals, with moist crystals perfect for finishing dishes and cooking.

1 - 28 of 56 products
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About our Gourmet Grilling Condiments

There’s something primal about the act of cooking meat of an open flame, offering not only an answer to one of our most primitive needs but also is one of the tastiest ways to cook. Easily imbuing your favorite ingredients with the signature smoky flavor intrinsic to the barbecue. Cooking your meats until juicy and tender while maximizing those tasty, crunchy burnt ends and achieving excellent grill marks. But even with all those excellent characteristics, the best way to enhance your meats and veggies is with great condiments!

Our selection of yummy items features everything from dry rubs and marinades to finishing salts and sauces. Enjoy the piquant flavors of spicy red pepper harissa on your next batch of chicken. Barbecue-infused oils add tantalizing flavors to both meats and veggies. Large-grained salts make excellent rubs and easily enhance your flavors. Our aromatic variety of spices are the perfect base for homemade spice rubs or used alone to add that extra bit of flavor! No matter how you choose to use any of these delightful condiments, we’re sure your father will love the way they transform his regular grilling routine. The perfect addition to our fantastic cuts of Wagyu beef steaks or our premium Iberico de Bellota pork chops. For all your father’s day grilling gifts, look no further than Gourmet Food Store!

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