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Natural Rock Salt

from Spain by Tidman`s
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Natural Rock Salt

Named after the "tide men" of the region - men who lived off the shore - Tidman's coarse rock salt for grinders is suggested for use with meats and fish especially, but can be applied much like Kosher salt. Characterized by a an almost sweet finish and a buttery texture.

Rock salt is harvested from underground mineral deposits, and the case of Tidman’s Rock Salt, it’s mined in Chesire, in Britain. Unlike other salts, Tidman’s is additive free, which means this coarse salt is perfectly suited to finishing dishes. The great price point also makes it a great option for curing meats, where liberal quantities are demanded. Use this salt with meats and fish prior to roasting or grilling or put in a grinder and grind over finished dishes.

You can use rock salt just like any other table salt. What is rock salt? Rock salt is so called because rather than sea salt, harvested from live seas, this kind of salt is mined from old oceans and lakes that have evaporated, sometimes a millennia ago. The salt mines are underground and the salt is harvested in rock, later crushed. Chemically speaking, rock salt and sea salt are 99% identical. Sea salt tends to have a sweeter, more ocean flavor, while rock salt has a pleasant bitterness. One added benefit of rock salt is that because those seas and lakes were buried so deep underground so many years ago, they’re largely pure and uncontaminated.

Ingredients: rock salt
Storage: room temperature
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types of Spices: Sea Salt & Rock Salt
Origin: Spain

Product Reviews

Omar from Corona, CA

Questions and Answers

Q:Does this work like the regular Rock Salt does for pickles?? Thank you!!
A:Yes, this is plain rock salt, so it can be used for pickling.
Q:Does Rock salt have natural iodine thanks
A:Natural rock salt does contain traces of iodine but it generally provides less than table salt
Q:will rock salt dissolve in water at room temperature?
A:Yes, rock salt will dissolve in water at room temperature. Heating the water will speed up the process though.
Q:Is it sea salt ?
A:The Natural Rock Salt is actually rock salt, extracted from ancient rock deposits. It is not sea salt.
Q:can I use this in place of epsom salt in a bath?
A:The Natural Rock Salt and Epsom salt cannot be used interchangeably as they have a different chemical composition.
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