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Sweets For Our Sweet: Valentine's Day Recipes

by Albertina Roca   |   February 11, 2015   |  

Valentine’s Day is in the air these days, and thoughts of romantic dinners, bright flowers and hot dates are definitely keeping our mind off the cold winter! We’re bringing in some of that love into your kitchens by preparing all manner of sweet treats to indulge our sweetheart this weekend, and we’re sharing the love with you, of course!

Our idea of a delicious Valentine’s Day includes luscious brownies with a boozy twist, gorgeous cupcakes chock full of Valrhona baking chocolate, classic chocolate chip cookies with a hidden truffle heart, and some buttery pecan bars. Our suggestion: make extra of everything, package in beautiful containers and take them into the office, so you can spread the love around.

valentine's day cookies

These moist and delicious chocolate chips cookies hide a lovely secret inside: a secret truffle heart hidden in the center that explodes in your mouth with decadent flavor! 

Valentine's Day cupcake recipe

Our double chocolate cupcake recipes had a chocolate batter AND chocolate frosting, you know, just to make sure they were decadent enough! Decorate them with a heart-shaped chocolate for a romantic touch, or you could use edible petals for a prettier take.

Valentine's Day brownies recipe

Everything is better when it's topped with luscious coverture chocolate! Our brownies have a secret: they're tipsy! The batter is made with a shot of bourbon whisky, which gives them a boozy touch.


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