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Friday Night Dessert: French Fondant Cake Recipe (Lava Cake)

January 10, 2023   |   by

It's the weekend! After you're done with work, the gym, and happy hour, let's talk dessert! Tonight: French Fondant Cake with Ganache Center, or, fondant au chocolat.

chocolate lava cake

Gooey, super-chocolaty, warm and delicious, this French fondant cake recipe looks very similar to the American Lava Cake, but it's actually a bit different (and more delicious, we think!). The American version is based on the French Moelleux cake. The main difference? Fondant cakes have a piece of chocolate or ganache in the middle, which melts into liquid chocolate goodness. Think of it as the Lava Cake, reloaded.

The beauty of the lava cake is that it only LOOKS complicated to make. In reality, it couldn't be easier. There are no mysterious, hard-to-find ingredients or complicated, intricate techniques. We know, the results look so professional and restaurant-quality, it's hard to believe, but it's true! All you really need in terms of "special equipment" are ramekins or pudding molds (also called darioles). The batter is simple (and delicious!): chocolate, eggs, butter, sugar, and a tiny bit of flour to give it body and texture.The only semi-tricky part of this easy lava cake recipe is melting the chocolate, which needs to be done in a double boiler or "bain marie". What that really means is that you melt it slowly so you don't burn it.

In our fondant cake recipe, we go one step further and teach you how to make your own chocolate ganache. Don't be intimidated! It's really quite simple and gives the molten cakes an extra layer of yumminess. However, if you're short on time (or energy), just ignore those steps and replace the home-made ganache with a piece of regular baking chocolate, it will work just as well.

chocolate fondant cake

Prepping these easy lava cakes ahead is a total breeze - you can even make them one day ahead and keep them in the fridge or freezer. The cook in about 15 minutes, so you can turn the oven during appetizers, pop them in the oven while you're clearing the plates, and voila, have these stunning little cakes on the table before any of you guests even say, "what's for dessert?"

Serve this French fondant cake recipe with a scoop of ice cream, and your favorite sauce. It's Friday and we love a boozy sauce, so we whipped up a Caramel Frangelico Sauce to accompany them. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this is the dessert of dreams!

TGIF, fellow foodies!

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