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Cool Down This Summer with our Favorite Frozen Desserts and Drinks

by Hannah Abaffy   |   June 10, 2022   |  

As the temperature continues to climb, there’s no tastier way to cool down than with a generous scoop of sorbet or a fruity frozen cocktail. Check out our favorite icey desserts and drinks and the gourmet ingredients behind achieving maximum flavor even at ice-cold temperatures. Beat the heat this season in the most delicious way possible with a little inspiration from your friends at Gourmet Food Store.

Fruit Purees


frozen fruit purees

The secret to flavorful gelato and delicious cocktails; the hero of all your fruity sweets and drinks this Summer will be frozen fruit purees. Made from premium fruits harvested at their peak and immediately processed and frozen, capture the bold taste of your favorite fruits and serve it in a hundred different ways the whole year through. Start with these purees, and all our Summertime suggestions are sure to turn out winners!

Tropical Fruit Popsicles

Offering the best of both worlds, popsicles are a must-have for every Summer season. Ideal for keeping the kids happy and a great addition to any outdoor party, popsicles offer a cool taste of the season's finest flavors at their best.

Enhance the delicious taste of frozen purees with chunks of real Summer fruit just like we did in these passionfruit mango popsicles. Quick to make and enjoyable for every age, the hardest part is waiting for them to freeze.

Icey Fruit Cocktails


frozen cocktail

Summertime means vacation for many of us and a long list of outdoor activities, holidays, and afternoons by the pool. Mix up a big batch of your favorite mixed drink to sip while you enjoy everything this season has to offer. Find relief from the heat with fruit-laden Palomas, Sangrias, or classic Margaritas.

Our favorite Summertime tip is: when making ice, swap water for juice (the most verasilte are orange juice and grapefruit juice). That way, when the heat melts the ice, your drink won’t get diluted.

Ice Cream and Frozen Custard


frozen cocktail

What’s Summer without a heaping scoop of ice cream in the afternoon? Creamy smooth and a popular favorite with everyone, the best way to achieve exceptional ice creams and gelatos start with gelato paste. With a variety of flavors from which to choose, begin whipping up cartons of homemade ice creams, gelatos, and frozen custards, with their gourmet flavors for a delicious and easy dessert.



frozen cocktail

In the midst of Summer, there’s seemingly no better way to pass those hot afternoon hours than with a big bowl of freshly made sorbet. Easy to make, this flavorful option doesn’t require any special kitchen equipment and is the perfect kid-friendly Summertime activity to tackle. With a few simple ingredients, you have a refreshing and delicious treat that will satiate everyone's sweet tooth.


We’re all about the mulled cider and buttered rum in the cold months of winter, but as soon as the temperatures rise, it’s time to switch gears into refreshing, fruity drinks like our favorite strawberry frosé. The drink that took the cocktail world by storm a few years ago is still as popular as ever, thanks to its flavorful frozen qualities.

Classy, cold, and perfect for those special occasions on hot Summer days, choose a full-flavored, dark-colored rosé for freezing. Picking a bold wine will help to counteract the slight loss of color and flavor that comes after freezing and blending.

Armed with all our favorite tips and ideas for your cool culinary creations, you're ready to take on the hottest afternoons and every long, muggy evening ahead. Be sure to browse through our complete collection of ice cream and gelato pastes, along with our assortment of frozen fruit purees to help you make your next batch of cocktails, mocktails, or sweets!

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