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Gourmet Ingredients to Take Your 2024 Easter Baking to the Next Level

Hannah Abaffy
  |   March 22, 2024   |  

Easter celebrations are bright with all the flavors of spring – chocolate eggs decorated in a rainbow of pretty pastels, cute bunnies enrobed in chocolate, traditional easter breads and hot cross buns…it’s really an excuse to bake your prettiest, brightest treats! There are some baking essentials you’ll want to stock up on for this season, to make sure your baked goods are delicious and high end, every time. Read on and find out what are our gourmet must-haves for Easter baking, and don’t forget to stock up for the season!


Delicious sweetbreads are the mainstay of the Easter holidays. From orange-infused Cinnamon rolls and Polish Chalka to the colorful egg garnished Italian Easter bread or classic British Hot Crossed Buns. While these breads run from borderline cake territory to hearty loaves you’d just as quickly use for your next sandwich, the one ingredient they all have in common is yeast. Our instant rise yeast represents the gold standard in leavening. Simple, reliable, and quick; don’t fuss with finicky starters or wonder if the package of fresh yeast you found in the back of the fridge will still work. Instead, keep a jar of instant rise yeast in your freezer, ready to be pulled out and incorporated into all your favorite Easter breads.

easter hot cross buns


From Easter eggs and bunnies to Springtime blooms and fruits, there’s no end of delicious ways to incorporate marzipan into your baking. And for the artistically-minded chef, there’s no way they’d consider making their holiday baked goods without it. Carefully formed and painted, delicate fruits and blooms take shape, becoming beautiful decorations for cookies, cakes, and so much more. Providing a distinctly delicious flavor and an endlessly moldable tintable ingredient, it’s a must-have element in so many classic baked goods. From the Swedish Princess cake to British Simnel cake many of our favorite European desserts are proudly embellished with this tasty almond paste.

easter marzipan egg cake


From bark to bunnies, the inclusion of chocolate on Easter has become a necessity as much as a tradition. White, dark, or milk, no matter which is your favorite, we have an excellent selection of premium couverture chocolate from some of the foremost producers on the market. Valrhona, Cacao Barry, Noel, and many more. If you’re looking to enhance your favorite chocolate desserts or incorporate a few new ones into your annual Easter festivities, look no further than the excellent assortment offered by Gourmet Food Store.

easter chocolate eggs

Vanilla Beans

Complex, aromatic, and the mainstay of any baker's pantry worth his salt, Vanilla is as necessary to most of our favorite desserts as flour, eggs, or sugar. Many try to smuggle cheap imitation vanilla into their creations: hoping to cover its deficiencies with an excess of sugar. Using premium vanilla can mean the difference between good and exceptional. Our Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans offer intensely delicious flavor, along with their signature speckle. Incorporate into mousses, pastry creams, ice creams, and all your favorite Easter bakes to elevate them and take your baking to the next level.

​​Food Coloring

What would Easter be without its colored eggs, cupcakes with green, frosted grass, and sugar cookies of intricately piped bunnies and ducklings, without food coloring? The Easter table would be a much more muted and less jolly affair. Be sure to get your brightest pinks, blues, and greens this Spring by keeping a supply of high-quality food coloring on hand. With no off-tastes or lack-luster colors, our selection of premium food coloring options is second to none.

Matcha Green Tea Powder

One of our favorite recent additions to the home baker's arsenal is the ancient Japanese mainstay Matcha green tea powder. While it’s been in use for centuries in Japan, only within the past decade has this aromatic powder made its way into the pastry chefs' go-to ingredients. Thanks to its vivid color, deep, complex flavor, and delightful aroma, Matcha is now a favorite addition to everything from mousse and pastry cream to cakes and cream puffs. The perfect ingredient for Springtime desserts, its pastel green shade makes a beautiful inclusion to your next Easter spread.

easter matcha cupcakes

Whether you love to bake bread and rolls or cakes and pastries, you’ll find all your must-have ingredients, along with some delightful extras, right here: at Gourmet Food Store. From the basics to the bells and whistles, there’s no need to spend all day shopping for what you need. Just a click away, you’ll love the convenience and quality of our gourmet assortment. For all your Easter baking, come to Gourmet Food Store.

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Hannah Abaffy

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Working in the hospitality industry for well over a decade, Chef Hannah Abaffy has held every position available in a restaurant kitchen. From line cook to executive pastry chef, she calls on her ten-plus years of work in the field and her culinary degree to write about our gourmet ingredients and craft informational articles and blog posts that will help you elevate everything from a wedge of cheese to a lobe of foie gras.

From working with food every day to writing about it, Hannah is now a contributing author for Gourmet Food Store, along with her work helping restaurants develop recipes and craft menus and running her award-nominated food history blog Milk and Honey.

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