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French Virgin Peanut Oil

from France by Guenard
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French Virgin Peanut Oil

Guenard’s delightful virgin peanut oil boasts a rich nutty flavor, the perfect complement to countless savory dishes. Made by pressing whole virgin peanuts to release their oils, they are free of any additives or stabilizers. Boasting rich unadulterated peanut flavor, vitamins, and nutrients, peanut oil is full of essential healthy fats. Guenard’s gourmet vegetable and nut oils not only have excellent flavor but a long list of health benefits as well. It would seem that sometimes the simplest things truly are the best!

There are two kinds of peanut oils out there -refined and unrefined. Refined peanut oil has been leached of all flavor and color, making it perfect for cooking at high temperatures. Devoid of almost all taste, this kind of oil won't impart any nutty flavors to the food. Prized for its high smoke point, you’ll often see refined peanut oil used in deep frying and sauteing foods. Unrefined peanut oil, on the other hand, still contains the amazing nutty aroma and flavor of the peanuts it was made from. Guenard’s virgin peanut oil is simply bursting with these flavors and should be used to add savory rich notes to your recipes. Instead of frying or cooking with it, try drizzling virgin peanut oil over salads or roasted vegetables. Add it to dressings, sauces, and marinades, or bake with it to add a deep nutty flavor to your cakes and quick breads. However, you use your delicious peanut oil we're positive you'll love the tasty flavors it will impart to your dishes.

Ingredients: Virgin peanut oil
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