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Sesame Oil - Virgin, Semi-Toasted

from France by Guenard
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Sesame Oil - Virgin, Semi-Toasted

Once relegated to the world of Asian cooking, sesame oil is now essential in every kitchen. One of those ingredients that boast both function and flavor, it has made its way outside its own limiting genre and into the mainstream world of cooking. The only surprising part is how long it took to happen. Sesame oil, with its nutty toasted scent, high smoke point, and distinct flavor, is one of our favorite oils to use and Guenard’s is one of the finest.

There are two kinds of sesame oils in this world -toasted and untoasted, and you can tell the difference at a glance. Untoasted oils are light in color, similar to that of canola or peanut oil, and their flavor is muted and subdued. The toasted variety, on the other hand, has a rich nutty color and a flavor to match. Guenard’s virgin semi-toasted sesame oil walks a fine line between the two. Its delicately toasted sesame seeds render an oil lighter in color and flavor, making it perfect for a wider range of uses. Perfect for all manner of sauces, marinades, and dressings, use sesame oil in any number of dishes to impart a delicious toasted nutty flavor.

Ingredients: Virgin sesame oil
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