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French Virgin Walnut Oil

from France by Guenard
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French Virgin Walnut Oil

Rich in minerals, easy on the digestion, and full of fantastic nutty flavor, Guenard’s high quality 100% virgin walnut oil is a cut above the rest. The perfect addition to so many recipes its delicious flavor complements anything, from vegetables and fish to cookies and bread. Produced in France from walnuts grown just a few miles away, Guenard is conscientious to start with only the best ingredients. Carefully harvested and sorted by hand to ensure only the best nuts are being used, the walnuts are then lightly roasted to maximize their delicious flavor, before being pressed to extract their oils.

With a relatively low smoke point, walnut oil is better relegated to the world of cold preparations, sauces, and garnishes. Preserve walnut oil’s excellent flavor and prevent it from breaking down, by keeping it away from too much heat. Instead, incorporate your oil into dressings, drizzle it over salads, vegetables, soups, grilled meats, and mild cheeses. Use it as a base for mayonnaise, pasta, and marinades. Perfect for savory or sweet preparations, substitute walnut oil in the place of vegetable or olive oil in any of your favorite recipes to add a delicious roasted nut flavor to them!

Ingredients: Virgin walnut oil.
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