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Iberico Pork Head of Loin - Mogote Iberico de Bellota

from Spain by Finca Helechal
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Iberico Pork Head of Loin - Mogote Iberico de Bellota

Enjoy the same meats that Michelin-starred chefs use in your home kitchen when you order Iberian Pork from Gourmet Food Store! Renowned for its densely marbled meat and singularly delicious flavor: it’s commonly referred to as “the Wagyu of pork.” Rich and nutty, thanks to a free-range lifestyle and diet (consisting mostly of acorns), these Spanish Iberian pigs are second to none. Juicy and tender with a deep red color; you won’t believe your tastebuds!

The head of loin, or “Mogote,” is a delightful cut and one that’s not often found in your local butcher’s case. Situated at the front of the loin, you may sometimes find the Mogote labeled as a “pork collar” or “neck.” Nestled between the head and shoulders and weighing in at around 450g, this relatively small portion is loaded with flavorful intramuscular fat. Perfect for frying, grilling, or roasting, the delicious options of the Mogote are limitless.

How to Prepare

We like to prepare this portion, and all Iberico pork, simply to allow the inherent richness of this delightful meat to shine. For the Mogote, we prefer a simple slow roast. Enhance the nuttiness of this pork collar with a few well-chosen spices: Maldon, some paprika, and mixed herbs are a simple and full-proof choice. To serve: accompany your Mogote with a gravy made from the drippings and a side of green beans or garlic smashed potatoes.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service. Meat and Game: Iberico Pork, Pork
Cuts: Loin
Origin: Spain

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