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Peppercorn Sauce

from France by Christian Potier
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Peppercorn Sauce

Ran out of time to make the perfect sauce for your steak? Fear not! Christian Potier’s Peppercorn sauce is the perfect partner for your steaks and game meats: creamy with just enough spice to match up to the boldest flavors and textures. And is ready in seconds!

Christian Potier is a celebrated French chef that was trained by the head chef of the last Russian Czar – Czar Nicolas II. With this pedigree he continued his training, which culminated when the participated in the making of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation cake in 1953. It was in the 80s that Chef Potier had the idea to create a line of his classic gourmet sauces, and then package them in easy to microwave individual portions.

The quality and freshness of this sauce never ceases to amaze us, you would never guess it’s was not made from scratch! The sauce is made with fresh cream, crushed tomatoes, red wine and port, with a rich vegetable and chicken stock to add depth. The peppercorns are piquant, and the sauce is velvety and rich.

Heat the sauce in the microwave or on the stove – each pouch serves 2 - then drizzle over a pan fried steak frites, a succulent roast, chicken, a pot pie, or even a pasta dish. Keeps in the pantry with no refrigeration, so feel free to stock up on these and whip them out when you need to add gourmet flavor to a dish.

Ingredients: Water, cream, crushed tomato (tomato, tomato juice), white wine (contains sulfites), red port wine, shallot, cognac, modified corn starches, poultry stock (water, concentrated poultry juice, red wine, carrot, onion, salt, leek, red port wine, sugar, cognac, garlic, thyme, rosemary), salt, cracked black pepper, sunflower oil, vegetable broth (vegetable extracts, white wine extract, salt, sunflower oil, spices extracts), sugar, concentrated onion juice (onion, sunflower oil), xanthan gum.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Pantry Categories: French Sauces
Origin: France

Product Reviews

These are not in jars, as the photo would suggest, instead it is two packets in a box. It doesn't matter, because the volume is the same, and the product is very high quality. I love these Potier sauces for when I don't want to make my own. Incredibly high quality and worth having in the pantry at all times.
Tasty and so easy to use. We will order it again.
Barbara from Irvine, CA
Lori from Caliente, CA

Questions and Answers

Q:Can I use the Peppercorn sauce past the best by use date?
A:Please do not use or consume any food products past their best by date. 
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