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Hollandaise Sauce

from France by Christian Potier
Item description Temp PRICE PER OZ Price Qty Sku
3.52 oz box room temp $1.74 $6.12 3347001
8 x 3.52 oz box room temp $1.58 $44.48 3347002
6.35 oz jar room temp $1.19 $7.56 3347003
6 x 6.35 oz jar room temp $1.07 $40.80 3347004

Hollandaise Sauce

Our line of sauces by famed Chef Potier are the perfect solution for when you want to add rich flavor to a dish but don’t have the time to start a sauce from scratch.

This hearty sauce is made with stock made from scratch in Provence, and has a rich, natural flavor. This creamy Hollandaise sauce is one of the shinning examples of classic French cuisine. This velvety sauce, typically eaten with poached eggs a la eggs Benedict, is made with eggs, a luscious amount of butter, cooked together while whisked into a silky concoction. Even though it comes pre-packaged, it tastes just like it were made right in your kitchen, with just a fresh and natural flavor.

Contains 2 individual portions that can be heated up in the microwave in 10 seconds. Alternatively, use your stove to heat the sauce in simmering water for 5 minutes. An easy and delicious Hollandaise sauce, no recipe or complicated cooking required! Buy Hollandaise sauce and drizzle over a perfectly poached egg for brunch, or baked salmon and asparagus for lunch. Delicious!

Christian Potier is a celebrated French chef that was trained by the head chef of the last Russian Czar – Czar Nicolas II. With this pedigree he continued his training, which culminated when the participated in the making of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation cake in 1953. It was in the 80s that Chef Potier had the idea to create a line of his classic gourmet sauces, and then package them in easy to microwave individual portions.

Ingredients: Water, unsalted butter, cream, shallot, egg yolk, white wine, modified corn starches, salt, concentrated lemon juice, sugar, xanthan gum, spices.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Pantry Categories: French Sauces
Origin: France

Product Reviews

I received this in late January, and it expires at end of February. I’m sure I won’t be able to finish these before March 1.
Waden from Lighthouse Point, FL
Love the product, but got taken on the price. I believed I was buying an 8 pack of jars, but it’s actually an 8 pack of boxes which each have only two small plastic tubes of sauce in them. I got less than half of what I paid for. Additionally, I was charged an up charge on shipping for “heavy” items. This is understandable for glass jars, but as I said before, I received small boxes with plastic tubes inside—not heavy at all. Disappointed and won’t reorder.
J from Fleming Island, FL
Great flavor
Lori from Caliente, CA
I liked the 5.07 fl oz package you used to sell with three packets/box. This new packaging of 3.52 oz only contains two packets/box and the Hollandaise is a thinner consistency than the older version. It is still very good and convenient.
Ellen from Grantville, PA
It’s already made and there when I want it. It doesn’t get easier than that. Plus, it’s very good.
sharon from saint peters, MO

Questions and Answers

Q:What is the shelf life on the new packaging (jar) ? I've used the plastic tubes for years. On the jar it says "Refrigerate after opening and enjoy within 5 days." Poor english I hope. Sounds like use a few tablespoons and throw everything out in 5 days. Huh? Just being careful.
A:The best before date will be printed on the lid. Once the jar is opened it should be then put in the refrigerator and indeed used within 5 days.
Q:I don't have a microwave - I use an old fashioned stove - but with 12 burners - do I absolutely need a microwave for your sauces
A:Yes, you can absolutely heat these sauces on stovetop, by placing the unopened pouch into simmering water for 5 minutes before carefully removing the pouch, ready to serve. We are going to add this info to our descriptions to make it clearer for future customers. Thank you!
Q:what is the shelf life of this product?
A:The shelf life of the Hollandaise Sauce is 12 months.
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