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Blue Cheese

People who love blue cheese are not turned off by the pungent smell or the funny blue or green mold that riddles it throughout. Intensely flavored, salty and with a sharp bite, gourmet blue cheese can vary from crumbly like Roquefort to superbly creamy like a Cambozola Triple Cream, depending on the aging and the cheesemaking process. We source blue cheeses from all over the world!
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5 Favorites Cheese Sampler
by GourmetFoodStore.com
For the foodie that prefers the intense flavors of blues, we’ve assembled together a selection of our favorite blue cheese.
Danish Blue Cheese
from Netherlands by Green Island
A deliciously rich and creamy blue-veined cheese from Denmark.
Shropshire Blue Cheese
from United Kingdom by Thistle Hill
A sharp blue cheese similar to Stilton.
Bleu D Auvergne AOC 50%
from France by From'Auvergne
A very popular blue cheese that is spicy and salty, with a fragrant hint of wild flowers.
Blu di Capra
from Italy by Casarrigoni
From goat's milk sourced from a single farm, Blu di Capra is a soft and creamy cheese with an intense blue flavor.
Cabrales DO - Asturias
from Spain by Asturias
This Spanish famous blue cheese has a tangy sharp taste .
Cambozola® Triple Cream
from Germany by Kaserei Champignon
This super creamy and mild is blue cheese is neither incredibly pungent like Stilton, nor crumbly like Roquefort, but very very creamy and just salty enough.
Maytag Blue
from United States by Maytag
A piquant American blue cheese produced by hand in Iowa since 1941.
Monje Blue Cheese (pre order)
from Spain by Asturias
A strong blue cheese from Spain, buttery smooth.
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Bleuet  (pre order)
from France by Jacquin
A unique tasting, uniquely-shaped blue-veined goat cheese.
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Roquefort Bio
from France by Papillon
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