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Cervena Elk Frenched 8 Rib Rack

from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
2.5 lbs chilled $44.12 $110.30 2011701
2.5 lbs frozen $42.56 $106.40
8 x 2.5 lbs chilled $37.90 $758.00 2011702
8 x 2.5 lbs frozen $36.50 $730.00

Cervena Elk Frenched 8 Rib Rack

French rib racks have long been considered the height of elegance when it comes to preparing and serving meat. Carefully trimmed to reveal a portion of each rib, our Cervena Elk, frenched eight portion rib rack, is sure to draw a gasp of admiration from your guests. Containing the fifth through the twelfth ribs and the succulent ribeye (also known as the backstrap,) our elk rack also has the chine, feather bones, and fat cap carefully removed, so you receive nothing but delicious succulent meat. Like an elk lollipop, you’re sure to enjoy these wonderfully tasty frenched elk ribs!

Cook our Cervena Elk rib rack whole for a gorgeous roast, or separate into individual chops and serve for a gourmet meal! Each rib boasts a generous amount of juicy, savory Cervena Elk meat perfect for grilling, roasting, or pan-frying. Mild in flavor with a tender and juicy texture, Cervena Elk lends itself to a wide variety of sauces, spices, and regional flavor profiles. Complemented especially well by fruit, try pairing your next Elk dish with a sweet stone fruit reduction or glaze for a wonderful combination you’re sure to make again and again.

Sourced from New Zealand's lead purveyor of gourmet meats, Broadleaf provides the world with some of the best meats on the market. From old familiar favorites like grass-fed beef to more exotic options like our Cervena Elk, Broadleaf prides itself on finding and distributing the highest caliber meats to you, the discerning gourmand. Cervena itself is a label synonymous with quality. All our New Zealand Cervena Elk come from the young and tender Wapiti variety, a type of game meat highly regarded for its unparalleled taste. Harvested under three years of age, Cervena is certified to be at their peak of tenderness. Raised free-range from birth, our Elk forage and graze on the native grasses of the lush New Zealand countryside, imbuing their meat with singularly delicious flavor. Try the lean and flavorful meat that is Cervena Elk for yourself today, and say hello to your new favorite game meat!

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Meat and Game: Elk
Cuts: Ribs and Racks
Origin: New Zealand

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Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
2011701 2.5 lbs 2.00 lbs. - 3.00 lbs. $44.12
2011701 2.5 lbs 2.00 lbs. - 3.00 lbs. $44.12
2011703 2.5 lbs 2.00 lbs. - 3.00 lbs. $42.56
2011703 2.5 lbs 2.00 lbs. - 3.00 lbs. $42.56
2011702 8 x 2.5 lbs 16.00 lbs. - 24.00 lbs. $37.90
2011702 8 x 2.5 lbs 16.00 lbs. - 24.00 lbs. $37.90
2011704 8 x 2.5 lbs 16.00 lbs. - 24.00 lbs. $36.50
2011704 8 x 2.5 lbs 16.00 lbs. - 24.00 lbs. $36.50
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