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Lemon Oil - Pure

from United States by Boyajian
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Lemon Oil - Pure

The lemon oil from Boyajian is 100% pure. This all-natural flavoring is cold-pressed to preserve the bright and intensely citrusy flavor. For each 3.4-ounce bottle, the rinds of 225 lemons are pressed to produce this wonderfully aromatic and flavorful golden oil. With no alcohol or water added, this is truly pure lemon oil. A delightful addition to so many tasty desserts, add a few drops of this oil to everything from creamy cheesecakes and frostings to tarts, pies, and cookies to immediately add the singularly delicious taste of fresh lemons!

What’s the Difference Between Lemon Oil and Lemon Extract?

While you may think that oils and extracts can be used interchangeably, if they’re the same flavor, keep in mind there are a few fundamental differences between these two ingredients. Lemon Oil is made by extracting the essential oil of lemons from their rinds. This is most commonly done by zesting the fruit and steeping the zest in alcohol, where it soaks for up to eight weeks. The zest is then discarded and what’s left behind is a concentrated oil brimming with flavor.

Extract, in comparison, is made via distillation. While its flavor is also concentrated, it is significantly weaker than lemon oil. When trying to decide which to use, think of extracts as a supporting flavor, perfect for adding a subtle hint of citrus, while lemon oil is the ideal choice if you want the lemon to be your hero flavor!

Ingredients: Pure lemon oil
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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