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Premium Pure Rice Vinegar

from United States by Iio Jozo
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1 bottle - 500 ml room temp $46.44 $46.44
12 bottles - 500 ml ea room temp $41.80 $501.60
1 bottle - 900 ml room temp $71.91 $71.91
12 bottles - 900 ml ea room temp $64.73 $776.76

Premium Pure Rice Vinegar

Rice vinegar is an essential ingredient in Chinese and Japanese cuisines, which is why a high-quality, premium version is such a joy to have around. Our Premium Pure Rice Vinegar comes from iconic brewery Lio Jozo, using 320 grams of rice – which is over five times the minimum required. The result? A rich, full flavored and perfectly well-rounded vinegar with minimum acidity.

All of Lio Jozo’s vinegars are made with their very own house-brewed sake, to fully control the process and the final product. It’s a recipe 20 years in the making, developed by Lio-san, fifth generation owner of this renowned 125 year old company. Lio Jozo is hailed as the world’s best vinegar brewery – no small feat. Located in the Kyoto Prefecture, near the Sea of Japan, the company uses premium ingredients free of any pesticides and time-tested traditional brewing techniques, never shying from laborious processes – it takes about 8 months to produce their vinegars, while a regular modern company might take one day.

How to use pure rice vinegar. This versatile ingredient is perfect to add a sweet, rich flavor to many dishes. It’s milder than most vinegars, so feel free to drizzle enthusiastically. Use it to make ponzu sauces, drizzle over salads, seafood and roasted vegetables. You’ll love the mellow flavor, so rich in umami, which wonderfully enhances dishes – and it’s really the only vinegar you should use for your sushi.

Ingredients: water, rice
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Asian Ingredient Categories: Asian Vinegar
Origin: United States

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Excellent vinegar/great price
Edgar from Rye, NY

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