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The Best Appetizers For The Holiday Cheese Board

by Albertina Roca   |   October 23, 2017   |  

When it comes to parties, holiday or otherwise, you can never go wrong with a cheese board. Most everyone loves cheese and for those non-dairy folks, you can always round out the platter with dried fruits, cured meats, and nuts. But when throwing a holiday party for a larger crowd, you'll need more than just cheese. And all the better if your other appetizers can easily be eaten standing up, chatting, while holding a glass of wine. Here are some of our absolute favorite hors d’oeuvres (most with cheese for maximum fromage intake) for the holiday season:

Smoked Salmon And King Crab Meat Pockets Recipe

Smoked Salmon King Crab Appetizer

Buttery smoked salmon "pouches" are filled with cream cheese and succulent king crab meat, then tied with a thin chive "string". While a bit labor-intensive - tying those chives might take a few tries - this sophisticated appetizer is really worth the effort, delivering great flavor in a fabulous presentation that's also finger-friendly. View Salmon And King Crab Meat Pockets Recipe

Stuffed Portobellos With Mascarpone

Stuffed Portobellos Appetizer

A comforting cold weather treat, these stuffed portobellos are as refined as they are filling. The inclusion of capers, olives, and anchovies into the stuffing elevates the flavor into briny, rich goodness. They are a breeze to make, which is good news. These will be gobbled up in a millisecond and you’ll have to make seconds. View Stuffed Portobellos With Mascarpone Recipe;

Crispy Polenta Sticks

Crispy Polenta Appetizer

With the magic of instant polenta and the touch of creamy gorgonzola you have another exceptional appetizers on your hands. And it’s easier to whip up than a bowl of cereal (well almost). Covered in crunchy panko, these are fantastic and easy to eat with one hand while holding a cocktail on the other! View Crispy Polenta Sticks Recipe

Fresh Black Truffle Crostini

Fresh Truffle Crostini Appetizer

Black truffles, need we say more? The fresh truffle season hits its sweet spot right around the holidays, which is a great time to dazzle guests with this luxurious ingredient.  With one of the most sought after flavors in the world, this appetizer of fresh tomatoes and garlic is instantly elevated when mixed with earthy, pungent truffles and truffle oil. View Fresh Black Truffle Crostini Recipe

Foie Gras and Cheese Tartelets

Foie Gras Cheese Tart Appetizer

These refined tartlets pair nicely with the black truffle crostini. When served together, they highlight some of the finest ingredients in the world, making you look like the foodie you are. Rich foie gras is tempered with mascarpone cheese to create a creamy spread that tastes like nothing else on the table. Use pre-made tart shells for convenience and you'll have these appetizers on the table in minutes. View Foie Gras and Cheese Tartelets Recipe

Poppyseed Phyllo Rolls Recipe

Poppy Seed Phyllo Appetizer

Flaky little phyllo pastry rolls are the perfect accompaniment for cheese plates and dips, and even to serve with main dishes. Use ready-made pastry so you don't have to labor in the kitchen, and just roll into poppy seeds for flavor and crunch. View Poppyseed Phyllo Rolls Recipe

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