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White Balsamic Pearls

White Balsamic Pearls

from Italy by Terra Del Tuono
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White Balsamic Pearls

White Balsamic Pearls are innovative decorative orbs made by Italian masters of balsamic vinegar. Filled with concentrated grape must and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, these culinary jewels will add sparkle and flavor to your recipes. With a resemblance to caviar, they can make even the simplest appetizer look like a gastronomic masterpiece. But since they're designed to preserve the Balsamic of Modeno's exquisite taste and aroma, they reward the palate as much as the eyes.

Add these classic, sophisticated spheres to meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, sushi, appetizers and finger foods, as well as to drinks and cocktails. Whether professional or amateur, all chefs will love these pearls for their surprisingly simple application yet wondrous appearance, refining and perfecting dishes without over-complicating or detracting from the chief ingredients.

White Balsamic Pearl were created by Terra Del Tuono, an Italian family business devoted to producing the finest quality balsamic vinegar of Modena. By employing techniques passed down for generations, and by taking advantage of the shifting seasons of northern Italy, they create balsamic vinegar products that are original, sophisticated, and imbued with flavors of nature.

Ingredients: concentrated white grape must, white wine vinegar, water, thickener: cellulose gum, gelling agents: calcium chlorite, sodium alginate.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: What is inside the pearls? Is the oil inside the pearls?
A: Inside the edible pearls, you will find the balsamic vinegar.

Q: What is the shelf life of this item please?
A: These should last around 6 - 12 months kept in a cool, dark place.


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