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Gift Box: Saffron Mousse and Pearls

from Italy by Terra Del Tuono
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Gift Box: Saffron Mousse and Pearls

Here's an elegant and sophisticated way to show appreciation for a particular friend or colleague: present them with this gift box containing two premium products that use the much-coveted saffron as their star ingredient.

A saffron flower blooms for only one week each year, producing just three stamens in that week. Given that it takes around 250,000 of these stamens to make a pound of saffron, it's easy to see why this is the most expensive and highly sought after spice in the world. Fortunately, a little saffron goes a long way, and it imbues these 2 products with a unique flavor that can't be found in any other spice.

The first product is a smooth and foamy decorative mousse with balsamic white vinegar of Modena as its base. The vinegar is carefully crafted from concentrated grapes grown and processed in accordance with the changing seasons of northern Italy. Whipped into a mousse with added flavor of saffron, it adds flavor and decorative appeal to anything from meats and fish to vegetables, pastas and appetizer dishes.

The second product is bittersweet pearls with saffron. These small, glistening orbs closely resemble caviar, but contain the distinct flavors of saffron. Use them to garnish a variety of foods, whether they be small appetizers or larger meat, fish or vegetable-based mains.

Presented in a colorfully designed gift box, these products are sealed in elegant containers that will look respectable in even the most esteemed chef’s kitchen. Because they are easy to apply to a number of different recipes – and yet look absolutely luscious – professional chefs and amateur chefs will appreciate them equally. 

Balsamic Saffron Mousse and Pearls is presented by Terra Del Tuono, an Italian family-run business with a mission to bring finest balsamic vinegar of Modena to the wider world. By using traditional techniques passed down generation to generation, and by taking advantage of the unique changing seasons of northern Italy, they formulate balsamic vinegar products that are innovative, sophisticated, and imbued with the flavors of nature.

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Ingredients: condiment with saffron, concentrated must of white grapes, white wine vinegar, saffron0.1%, water, thickener: cellulose gum, gelling agents: calcium chloride, sodium alginate. contains sulfites condiment with saffron concentrated must of white grapes, whi
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Types of Spices: Saffron
Origin: Italy

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