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Weather The Storm With Classic Comfort Food Recipes

by Albertina Roca   |   January 26, 2016   |  

One of the best things about a snow day is that it’s the perfect excuse to stock up on food - and eat it, of course! The cold weather calls for rich, hot, comforting foods like casseroles loaded with beef and sausages, pasta bubbling with cheese, creamy polentas and risottos, and just about anything with cheese. If you need a little inspiration, these five delicious recipes will help warm you up, body and soul.

Creamy Truffle Polenta

creamy truffle polenta

A staple in wintertime menus, a polenta is always filling and easy to make. It’s also the perfect vehicle for almost any flavor, like in this case, aromatic fresh truffles. The beauty of polenta is that there’s no shame in using the instant kind, it tastes delicious and is incredibly quick to make. We made this extra luscious and creamy by adding truffle butter and cream cheese. An essential addition: loads and loads of grated Parmiggiano.

View Creamy Truffle Polenta Recipe

Classic Rabbit Stew

classic rabbit stew recipe

In this classic country recipe, tender rabbit is simmered with select seasonings, some hearty vegetables and a drizzle of bold red wine for a rich and flavorful taste that will envelop your home with delicious aromas while it simmers. Make it your own by adding any seasonings you like, and serve with roasted potatoes while you watch the snow fall outside.

View Classic Rabbit Stew Recipe

Truffle Mac and Cheese

Truffle Mac and Cheese Recipe

Comfort food par excellence, mac and cheese is more than a childhood classic, but an essential dish in adulthood. Our Mac and Cheese is loaded with decadent truffle cheese, heavy cream and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese for extra creaminess – and if that doesn’t comfort you, then we don’t know what will! Truffle salt, truffle oil and a few thin slices of aromatic fresh black truffle gives this understated dish a touch of adult sophistication.

View Truffle Mac and Cheese Recipe

Skillet Wagyu Corned Beef Hash

Wagyu Corned Beef Hash Recipe

Where do we start? Rich corned beef meets potatoes meets a fried egg, a dish guaranteed to stick to your bones and bring some heat to winter meal. The natural succulence of the Wagyu corned makes this dish extra rich and flavorful. Make this in a big skilled to serve to family and friends on a cold night - but make some extra for the next day, in case it keeps snowing!

View Skillet Wagyu Corned Beef Recipe

Risotto With Truffles and Scallops

Risotto With Truffles and Scallops Recipe

A great risotto is always amazing, but when you pair it with fresh truffles, lots of cheese and top it with plump and meaty scallops, it becomes a mouthwatering masterpiece. Every chef should have this truffle risotto recipe in his or her repertoire!

View Risotto Recipe
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