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Wagyu Beef Brisket Full - MS7

from Australia by Rangers Valley
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
16 lbs chilled $22.00 $352.00
16 lbs frozen $20.34 $325.44
2 x 16 lbs chilled $15.39 $492.48
2 x 16 lbs frozen $14.70 $470.40

Wagyu Beef Brisket Full - MS7

A popular cut for everything from the backyard barbecue to competitions, pit masters and home chefs alike, love the delightful qualities of the brisket. And when this singularly tasty cut is sourced from premium Australian Wagyu beef, it instantly becomes that much better. Beautifully marbled, the way only Wagyu beef can be the finished portion is pull apart tender and juicy. Dripping with buttery fat and bursting with flavor, you’ll never want commercial beef again.

Offering consistent savor and tenderness thanks to beautiful marbling throughout and an even fat cap, the buttery fat of Wagyu slowly melts during cooking, imbuing the meat with intense taste and juiciness. Truly and exceptional portion, this is some of the finest beef on the market. Not only are they tastier than the competition, but the extra marbling inherent to this special beef make them more forgiving. In many ways easier to prepare than supermarket varieties; you’ll be impressed with the excellent results!

Wagyu grading

The letters “MS” in MS7 stand for Marble Score. Ranging from 3-12, wagyu meat that is graded as a 7, represents the entrance into a rareified realm of richness. The levels of intramuscular fat is so plentiful and consistent that it boarders on a softness that rivals butter. Succulent and juicy, it offers a melt in your mouth texture and an unforgettable eating experience. Starting with some of the best Wagyu available, our beautifully marbled brisket is hand-selected before being carefully trimmed and cut. For a taste of Wagyu Beef at its finest, look no further than our full, MS7 brisket from Rangers Valley.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Wagyu Beef Cuts: Brisket and Ribs
Whole or Cut: Whole Muscles
Marble Scores and Grades: Wagyu Marble Score 7 and 8
Wagyu Beef Origin: Australian

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2063401 16 lbs 14.00 lbs. - 18.00 lbs. $22.00
2063401 16 lbs 14.00 lbs. - 18.00 lbs. $22.00
2063402 16 lbs 14.00 lbs. - 18.00 lbs. $20.34
2063402 16 lbs 14.00 lbs. - 18.00 lbs. $20.34
2063403 2 x 16 lbs 28.00 lbs. - 36.00 lbs. $15.39
2063403 2 x 16 lbs 28.00 lbs. - 36.00 lbs. $15.39
2063404 2 x 16 lbs 28.00 lbs. - 36.00 lbs. $14.70
2063404 2 x 16 lbs 28.00 lbs. - 36.00 lbs. $14.70
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