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Fresh Iberico Pork

Fresh Iberico pork is an exciting and delicious addition to our gourmet catalog! These succulent cuts of pork come from the same acorn fed Pata Negra breed of pigs used to create the coveted Jamon Iberico (iberico ham). This unique pig is a native breed of Spain, and it’s genetically blessed with natural marbled meat, much like Kobe beef, rendering it superbly buttery and tender. A diet high in fatty acorns and nuts, plus the flavorful grasses of the Dehesa makes this gourmet pork loin out-of-this-world delicious.
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Iberico Pork End Loin - Pluma Iberica
from Spain by Aljomar
This succulent and juicy cut of pork is a true culinary masterpiece. Bursting with bold flavor it’s one of the most delicious cuts available!
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Iberico Pork Bacon - Pre-Sliced
from Spain by Fermin
A gorgeously marbled, succulent bacon from Spanish Iberico pigs in beautiful thick slices.
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About Iberico Pork

Add one of the world's best and juiciest meats to your fridge! Sink your teeth into Spain's most premium exports- fresh Iberico pork from Pata negra black-hoofed pigs. Whether you want to grill it to perfection, or pan sear or roast it, Iberico is our pigs for always tender and juicy pork. It's one of the world's most coveted meats, beloved by foodies and chefs alike. We ship our fresh iberico chilled in temperature-controlled packaging, using overnight service so you always get the best, freshest meat, guaranteeing safety and freshness in transit.

Treat yourself or a fellow foodie to one of the juiciest pork cuts in the world; serve it for a special occasion, like anniversaries, even Christmas and holiday dinners. This succulent, mouthwatering Spanish meat is perfect for your most special events.

How To Cook Iberico Pork

Cook it in the oven, roast it, smoke it or barbecue it, and of course it is perfect for grilling. Season simple with salt and pepper to enhance the flavor, make a special rub or marinade, coat it in your best extra virgin olive oil, the possibilities are endless! If you need inspiration, we've created exclusive Iberico Pork Recipes just for you!

Iberico Pork Nutrition

This superbly marbled meat is also rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients, compliments of the rich grasses, nuts and herbs that the free-range pigs graze on. Iberico is prized for it's incredibly fat webbing, which melts as it cooks, rendering it super juicy and mouthwateringly tender. When it comes to gourmet meat, there are few that can compare to Iberico Pata Negra from Spain.

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