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Valrhona Almond Hazelnut Praline Paste - 50%

from France by Valrhona
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Valrhona Almond Hazelnut Praline Paste - 50%

While the name Valhrona may conjure up images of perfectly roasted cocoa beans before it brings to mind any kind of nut, Valrhona extends the same care and effort to source and inspect the almonds and hazelnuts they use to make their Praline as they do their chocolate. Prioritizing excellence in all their products, the flavor and quality of the Valencia Almonds and Roman Hazelnuts that they source to create this delicious paste are second to none. Slightly sweet with hints of caramel, this delightful combination of sugar and nuts preserves the flavor of the nuts.

Thanks to traditional French culinary techniques, Valrhona not only starts with the best quality ingredients but then uses Gaulish gastronomic wisdom to enhance its manifold virtues. Starting with raw nuts and sugar that are cooked together using the Chouchou method, the nuts flavors are enhanced and made slightly sweet. The roasted nuts are then incorporated into the caramel until a paste is created. Deeply flavorful, this method has been Valrhona’s signature method for creating their delicious Praline, and we think it’s some of the tastiest available anywhere!

Intensely delicious and filled with complex caramel flavor, this spread can be used for a wide range of recipes. Easy to pipe, fill everything from donuts and eclairs to bonbons and cupcakes. A delicious addition to frostings, decadent sauces, mousse, or swirling into ice creams, the delightful possibilities of this tasty Praline are practically limitless!

Ingredients: Sugar, almonds 25%, hazelnuts 25%, natural vanilla extract. May contain traces of milk, egg and soy proteins, gluten and peanut.
Storage: Keep in a coo and dry place.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types: White Chocolate
Brands: Valrhona Baking Chocolate
Origin: France
Cacao Percentage: 50-65%

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