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from United States by Big Easy Foods
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Whether it’s the holiday season or large gathering, a turducken is the perfect creation to satisfy everyone’s hunger for all things fowl. What’s a turducken exactly? Well, the amazing chefs at Big Easy Foods take a deboned turkey and stuff it with a deboned duck and deboned chicken. Then, they stuff that with their authentic Louisiana jambalaya recipe loaded with cajun pork and sausage.

The Turducken comes pre-seasoned with Big Easy’s personal Cajun mix that loads the birds with wonderful flavors in every bite. The juiciness of the meat is unparalleled as each layer self-contains the moisture in the mix. This is the perfect display food that will have everyone talking about it for weeks. Each turducken is 13 pounds, so be sure to have a large, hungry crowd for this one.

On that note, cooking a turducken isn’t very hard. Fully thaw the bird before cooking for best results and roast it in the oven. For serving, Big Easy recommends simply cutting the bird down the middle and then across in 1-2-inch slices. A Turducken has both duck and turkey in it, so it pairs well with both sparkling rose and fruity, medium-bodied red wines. Riesling works well too.

Our Turducken comes from the wonderful Cajun culinary masters at Big Easy Foods in Lake Charles, Louisiana. For over a decade, they tantalized the taste buds of Southwest Louisiana and expanded into a large warehouse where they sell their amazing products across the nation. They offer over 30 delicious Cajun-themed products including this tasty Turducken!

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Poultry/Fowl: Duck
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Questions and Answers

Q:is this vegan
A:No, the Turducken is not vegan.
Q:is it Gluten Free?
A:The Tur-Duc-Hen is not gluten free.
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