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Winter White French Truffle Butter

from United States by Terroirs d'Antan
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Winter White French Truffle Butter

If you use the best ingredients, you will get the best product. This is the premise behind this rich butter, which uses chunks of tuber magnatum pico, white Italian truffles. The aromatic mushroom is blended into the butter during the preparation, thereby infusing it at the very heart, and then is sprinkled onto the final product. This is GREAT as an everyday product (with toast for example), but FABULOUS when incorporated into fine dishes like lobster (truffled lobster!), mashed potatoes, pastas and raviolis, egg dishes (truffled scrambled eggs!). Also extremely recommended when you're using jarred truffles, to further bring out their flavor. Another to try: Black Truffle Butter.

Ingredients: French butter, white truffle (tuber magnatum pico), natural white truffle extract, sea salt. Use within one week after opening.

Ingredients: French butter, white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico), natural white truffle extract, sea salt.
Storage: refrigerated
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Product Types: Truffle Butter
Truffle Brands: Terroirs d'Antan
Origin: United States

Product Reviews

Awesome! We now have another great way to use this White Truffle Butter! Add a couple teaspoons to mashed potatoes!
Michelle from Wells, ME
Delicious with amazing truffle flavor and aroma!
Jourdan from Garfield, NJ
The truffle flavor is brilliant. The butter came in a cup as stated in the description but differing from the picture
Lori from Caliente, CA
I did not order this version of Truffle butter. I got the cups.
Leslie L from Rocky Point, NY

Questions and Answers

Q:Can the truffle butter be frozen if we don't use it all at once?
A:Yes, the truffle butter can be frozen to extend its shelf life.

Winter White French Truffle Butter Recipes

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Wild Mushrooms in Truffle Balsamic Reduction Recipe
A superbly flavorful reduction of earthy wild mushrooms paired with aged balsamic and creamy truffle butter, this is absolutely fantastic paired with polenta, mashed potatoes, or risotto, or served on top of a juicy piece of Wagyu beef tenderloin or roasted chicken.
Creamy Truffle Polenta Recipe
Creamy Truffle Polenta Recipe
An easy way to incorporate that wonderful truffle flavor to an otherwise bland dish, our recipe for truffle polenta is quick, and simple yet super delicious. We use Tealdi's instant Polenta with truffles and make it extra flavorful and creamy by adding truffle butter and a cream cheese.
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