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Wild Boar Salami

from United States by Terroirs d'Antan
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Wild Boar Salami

This Wild Boar for this salami might come from Texas, but the flavors are decidedly Mediterranean. The rich wild boar meat is blended with a secret blend of spices, garlic, black pepper and wine for a complex, fresh and sweet flavor.

The bold flavor of wild boar is intense but not gamey, and it is expertly mellowed out with the wine and herbs. The boars are trapped in Texas, so they’re always 100% free-roaming and free of any antibiotics or hormones. Plus, we love that this is a sustainable meat, the animals trapped in order to control the feral wild boar populations that when out of hand can damage crops and property.

Serve this dark salami sliced medium on an angle as part of a charcuterie board, antipasto platter or cheese board. Pair it with your favorite cheeses, beers and wine – try Sancerre for white or Beaujolais for red. If you want to keep it casual, take it on a hike or a picnic, along with a fresh baguette and some strong mustard for a al fresco snack.

Ingredients: Wild Boar (meat from feral swine), sea salt, martini wine, nonfat dry milk, sugar in the raw, spices, dextrose, sodium nitrite and nitrate, fresh garlic, whole black peppercorn, sodium erythorbate, lactic acid, live starter culture
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Smoked/Cured Meats: Salami and Dry Sausage
Origin: United States

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2048201 5.5 oz 0.30 lbs. - 0.40 lbs. $57.11
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2048202 6 x 5.5 oz 1.90 lbs. - 2.10 lbs. $51.41
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