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Berkshire Soppressata Piccante Spicy Salami

from United States by Terroirs d'Antan
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Berkshire Soppressata Piccante Spicy Salami

Our Berkshire Soppresata Piccante Salami is made in America following a classic Italian recipe that uses 100% Berkshire pork meat. The meat is coarsely ground, fermented and then dry-cured in a natural casing. It is aged for 3 months and boasts a heat that comes from the hot Spanish paprika and cayenne pepper used as part of its seasoning. There is also a subtle hint of licorice that comes through from the anise seeds – creating an intrinsic medley of flavors that complement each other overall.

The Berkshire pork meat used to create this Soppressata comes from pigs that have never been fed antibiotics or growth hormones. They are raised in low-stress environments and spend most of their lives roaming freely outside.

Our Soppressata Piccante salami shows beautifully on a cheeseboard as a salty addition. A Pinot Grigio takes the whole experience to the next level and continues to enhance the full-bodied flavors of this salami. It has the right balance of seasoning to ensure that neither its heat nor seasonings will overpower a dish.

Terroirs D’Antan is a California-based company that specializes in taking classic Mediterranean delicacies and preparing them in America.

Ingredients: Berkshire pork meat, sea salt, red wine, nonfat dry milk, sugar in the raw, spices, dextrose, grappa, fresh garlic, cayenne pepper, hot Spanish paprika, anise seeds, black peppercorn, lactic acid, live starter culture
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Smoked/Cured Meats: Salami and Dry Sausage
Origin: United States

Product Reviews

This has a beautiful, slightly spicy taste but you have to make sure to peel the casing off. I forgt and almost chocked. My bad.
Diane from Powderhorn, CO
Very tasty. Not quite spicy enough for my taste but a good salami overall.
David from San Diego, CA

Questions and Answers

Q:Can this be frozen/what is the shelf life?
A:Yes, this salami can be frozen for up to 2 months. Any more than this and the salami might loose texture and flavor.

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2047901 5.5 oz 0.30 lbs. - 0.40 lbs. $36.90
2047902 6 x 5.5 oz ea 1.90 lbs. - 2.10 lbs. $33.21
2047902 6 x 5.5 oz ea 1.90 lbs. - 2.10 lbs. $33.21
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