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Raclette on the Top Spice Set: Cumin, Chopped Bear's Garlic, Cheeselover's Pepper

from France by Terre Exotique
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Raclette on the Top Spice Set: Cumin, Chopped Bear's Garlic, Cheeselover's Pepper

A celebration of all things Raclette, this spice set from Terre Exotique offers three perfect accompaniments to this classic French cheese. Known for their culinary prowess and mastery of flavors, add a touch of France to your meals with this spice mix!

All your favorite hearty dishes get that much better with the addition of a melty layer of delicious cheese. Designed specifically for Raclette, this versatile spice mix also melds beautifully with fondue, roast veggies, and blanquette.

Instead of buying preseasoned Raclette, why not individualize your cheese eating experience by adding your own spices? To achieve the best flavor, we recommend seasoning the underside of your cheese to prevent burning during melting.

Cheeslover’s Pepper

Awaken your tastebuds and your cheeseboards with this cheese lover’s pepper from Terre Exotique. Especially complimentary to the creamy, nutty flavors of Raclette, the tang of goat’s cheese, or even the complexities of old Comté.

Chopped Bear’s Garlic

Enjoy the wild, rustic flavors and the bold aroma of Bear’s Garlic alongside your next cheese-covered dish. This garlic is native to Bulgaria, commonly found along the banks and streams during its short season in the Spring. A rare find, this garlic is one of the most coveted among gourmands and chef’s around the world.


A traditional Mediterranean spice, you’re probably familiar with the taste of Cumin. Hot, sweet, and complex, it’s one of those spices that comfortably meld with almost any flavor. From bread and cheese to poultry or even citrus this invigorating spice is the perfect addition!

Ingredients: Cumin, 1.76 oz Chopped Bear's Garlic, 0.53 oz Cheeselover's Pepper, 2.11 oz
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types of Spices: Dried Spices, Spice Blends
Brand: Terre Exotique
Origin: France

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