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Summer Caviar Dishes- Tips, Tricks and Ideas

by Albertina Roca   |   August 8, 2023   |  

Oh caviar. There are few things as synonymous with luxury than caviar. Admittedly, its association with flutes of Dom Perignon and summer houses in the Hamptons can make it feel a tad intimidating when preparing a summer meal. It's an unexpected and sophisticated addition to any meal. Its refreshing pop of flavor is especially welcomed in the hot summer months.  Let’s add a dash of luxury to summer with five heavenly caviar dishes that you can serve during the warmer months. 

Grilled Caviar Pizza

Homemade pizza is such a festive, easy meal to put together on weekdays or for get togethers with friends. Make your own dough if you're feeling ambitious or buy premade from the store, both are fine options! The combinations are endless, but the main recipe is simple: rub the dough with olive oil and then grill on a really hot grill for about two minutes, then flip and top!  For a fabulous smoky flavor and crisp crust that can be beat, this is the method you want. Then spread on a generous layer of tangy Vermont Creamery crème fraiche, or mozzarella di buffala, or really your favorite cheese. You can add slices of Smoked Salmon on top, or just delicately place some tablespoons of caviar.  Sprinkle with some fresh chives, or onions and you've got a great, casual but sophisticated summer recipe. Make sure to always use a mother of pearl caviar spoon so you won’t break the delicate roe or alter its flavor. This spectacular dish couldn’t be easier, but earns high marks in presentation and flavor. With the sharpness of the crème fraiche, the salty smokiness of salmon, and the nutty pop of caviar, it makes for a memorable summer dish.

Our pick for this recipe: American White Sturgeon. This rivals Russian Caviar when it comes to quality and flavor. Coupled with sustainable fishing practices and great price point, you can’t go wrong! Farmed White Sturgeon Caviar compares to its famous Russian cousin, Caspian Ostera, with its characteristic nutty flavor but its divine buttery finish is all its own.

Blinis Caviar Appetizer

The most classic dish with the most classic caviar. Blinis are delectable, indulgent, and elegant. Much like deviled eggs, you can experiment with different types of blini batter and toppings. Traditionally served with creme fraiche (a recurring pairing) and chives (also recurring), you can opt for healthier options with yogurt or buckwheat dough.

You can also use different types of caviars for blinis. Look at them as a blank canvas full of amazing possibilities.

Our pick for this recipe: Osetra Karat Black Russian Caviar. This is really one of the most classic of caviars, with pearls  that are glossy and dark brown to black, a texture is firm, and a flavor crisp and nutty. Use this caviar for a truly special occasion. 

Caviar Deviled Eggs

Caviar Deviled Eggs

Highlight your favorite caviar at your next summer soirée by sprinkling it on top of deviled eggs. You can add all kinds of things to deviled eggs, from avocado to crab. For something fun, you can present your guests with a spread of deviled eggs in all different colors and flavors.

Keep the caviar eggs simple, using top quality ingredients. Whip up the yolk with Japanese Mayonnaise. Something as small as using this superior, rich, tangy mayo instead of the regular supermarket variety really brings out the richness of the egg, which in turns complements this brininess of the Caviar. Add in French Dijon mustard and salt and pepper. Pipe the mix back into the eggs and top with caviar and chives. Arrange on a beautiful tray and serve. Don’t forget the vodka! 

Our pick for this recipe: Paddlefish caviar . Paddlefish caviar is found in the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers. This roe is small with a briny, earthy finish and smooth pop, with a flavor can be a little more assertive than others and blends perfectly with the hearty and smooth flavor of eggs.

Pea and Parsley Soup with Caviar

The great Martha Steward has a fabulous Pea and Parsley Soup with Golden Caviar that's just perfect for summer soirees. Soup in the summer can be a hard sell but this wonderful concoction can be served chilled and is incredibly refreshing - not to mention hearty and colorful, and English peas and pea shoots are such precious things to have during the spring and summer months.

The directions are actually quite simple: onions sautéed in butter, mixed with broth and peas, boiled until tender and then pureed with creme fruits and parsley, garnished with pea shoots, more creme fraiche, and the caviar. Essentially any seasonal soup - say clam chowder, lobster bisque, even gazpacho or asparagus, when garnished with caviar gets an extra dose of sophistication. 

Golden Caviar

Our pick for this recipe: Osetra Golden Imperial Russian Caviar.  Perhaps one of the most highly prized caviar on the market. Harvested in Israel and imported following strict quality control guidelines, this caviar is a gorgeous amber to yellow color. The roe is medium to large and the flavor marvelously buttery. Garnishing your soup with this caviar is a bold statement - and a delicious one!

Lemon Fettuccine with Asparagus and Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar

Caviar on pasta means comfort plus glamour in one easy dish. Getting that caviar pop in the midst of the noodles is a thing of joy. 

A great dish for a hot summer night, this pasta is light and lemony but filling and satisfying. Make a sauce with cream, a little butter, and lemon zest. After these ingredients simmer, add parmesan cheese. 

Combine the sauce with the fettuccine and sliced asparagus spears. Mix in lemon juice and salt and pepper. Place on a large serving platter. Spoon the caviar on top. The bright orange roe nestled into the green and yellow of the pasta dish is a gorgeous color palette. The flavors are even better!

Our pick for this recipe: Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar.  Big and bright! We love it in this caviar pasta recipe as it more than holds it own amongst all the flavors, with a refreshing pop, and a bold, beautiful summer sunset hue. 

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