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Smoked Duck Prosciutto

Smoked Duck Prosciutto

from United States by Broadleaf
2 pieces, 12 oz ea frozen $48.66 $72.99 2041901
8 x 2 pieces, 12 oz ea frozen $42.00 $504.00 2041902

Smoked Duck Prosciutto

Very similar to its porky counterpart, our smoked duck prosciutto has a distinctly ‘hammy’ character with a unique twist. We love it sliced paper-thin and draped over ripe melon or twisted delicately around tender shoots of asparagus. Wherever traditional prosciutto does well, this smoked duck version acts as an admirable stand-in.

As so many favorite recipes started, making duck prosciutto was a product of circumventing religious edicts. An old Jewish Italian tradition, duck prosciutto, was made as the kosher counterpart to the classic pork variety. While prosciutto is generally made from the hind leg of the hog, as duck legs are rather small, duck prosciutto is made from the breast. The resulting charcuterie is a dark, rich, and vaguely funky cured meat you’ll find yourself craving.

The perfect addition to your next charcuterie board or an easy insertion to a host of appetizers, try our duck prosciutto from Broadleaf today. Starting with only the finest meats, their prosciutto comes from birds that are never given any hormones, antibiotics, or additives. Raised humanely on small sustainable farms throughout the United States, not only is our smoked duck prosciutto one of the most delicious examples of cured meat but also one of the cleanest and environmentally friendly! Feel good about your food choices while still enjoying true, gourmet fare with our smoked duck prosciutto!

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