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Red Bear Provisions Salami Stick Sampler

from United States by Red Bear Provisions
This sampler includes:
  • 4 oz (3 sticks), Holy Cow Salami Sticks
  • 4 oz (3 sticks), Beef Dry Salami Sticks - Sacre Bleu
  • 4 oz (3 sticks), Pork Dry Salami Sticks - Diablo
  • 4 oz (3 sticks), Pork Dry Chorizo Sticks - Del Toro
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Red Bear Provisions Salami Stick Sampler

This incredible collection features Red Bear Provisions’ delicious salami sticks, artisan salami made in Chicago, Illinois, made in small batches and free of hormones, nitrates and nitrites. These small format salami come in 4 oz. “sticks”, which are perfect when sliced thinly and served with cheese and a hearty beer, or just ideal to eat by themselves when the urge to have a flavorful snack comes.

The collection includes: Holy Cow, Sacre Bleu, Diablo and Del Toro. Savor them with a fresh baguette, and assortment of hard cheese and a hearty beer or bottle of full-bodied red wine.

Holy Cow: This salami is made in the in the Eastern European style of the evreyskaya, a garlic and black pepper salami that’s very simple and clean, and so delicious it was aptly named Holy Cow. This Angus beef salami is free of hormones, nitrates and nitrites, just pure delicious beef and seasonings, smoked in all-natural hardwood smoke and cured for a few weeks until the perfect flavor balance is achieved. Red Bear uses farm-raised cows for their salami, which are all hand-crafted in small batches.

Del Toro: Del Toro is crafted in the style of the Spanish chorizo, rich and flavorful, it’s made with authentic Dulce and Picante Pimenton de la Vera, a smoked red pepper, for a marriage of flavor opposites that, when merged with aromatic garlic, fragrant oregano, and sweet wine white, makes for a charcuterie masterpiece. Cured and dried for several weeks until the flavors fully develop and shine in their sweet, smoky boldness.

Sacre Bleu: Crafted in the style of the classic French saucisson sec salami, Red Bear Provision’s Sacre Bleu Salami is made in Chicago from premium cuts of flavorful Angus beef instead of the traditional pork. This chunky dry sausage is seasoned with garlic, sea salt and black pepper, plus delicious red wine for extra flavor. The salami is cured and dried for two months until the perfectly complex, sweet and rich flavor is achieved.

Diablo: A spicy salami that’s aptly named Diablo, as in “devilishly hot!”, Diablo is a cured dry sausage crafted in the Italian salami piccante style – cured with red pepper and paprika for that kick of heat, plus some sweet red wine and fennel for extra complexity and gorgeous aroma.

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Smoked/Cured Meats: Assortments and Gifts, Salami and Dry Sausage
Origin: United States

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