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Rabbit Strip Loin, Boneless

Rabbit Strip Loin, Boneless

from United States by Pel-Freez
4 pieces, 6 oz ea frozen $41.06 $61.59
12 x 4 pieces, 6 oz ea frozen $35.16 $632.88

Rabbit Strip Loin, Boneless

For a truly delightful taste experience, try our premium boneless rabbit striploin from Pel-Freez. Finely grained with a mild flavor and a tender, succulent texture, rabbit lends itself to a wide range of flavor combinations and culinary preparations. Use in all manner of dishes from classic rabbit stew to roasted, fried, or braised hare for a succulent and flavorful eating experience you’re sure to enjoy.

America’s oldest and largest domestic rabbit producer Pel-Freez supplies us with premium preservative and additive-free boneless rabbit. Pel-Freez has gained a reputation for always striving and delivering only the highest quality meats. Their rabbits are bred, raised, and processed using a carefully planned 100% sustainable method that has been carefully perfect over the decades. Our rabbits are fed a diet rich in fiber, essential nutrients, and protein, combined with a lifestyle that offers more than adequate space, water, and rest. These tenets merge to create some of the finest gourmet rabbits in the country and solidify Pel-Freeze as the foremost purveyor and distributor of high-quality rabbit in America.

High in protein and a combination of essential vitamins, while low in cholesterol, fat, and sodium, rabbit is that rare combination of delicious flavor and nutritional density that so infrequently occurs in the world of gastronomy. These boneless strip loins are carefully cleaned and free of all fat, gristle, and silver skin. Portioned into 6-ounce pieces, they are sold in sets of 4, with each pack available singly or in bulk boxes of 12. Flash frozen and vacuum-sealed immediately after harvest to lock in the moisture and flavor our; rabbits are shipped frozen solid.

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2055901 4 pieces, 6 oz ea 1.15 lbs. - 1.85 lbs. $41.06
2055902 12 x 4 pieces, 6 oz ea 15.00 lbs. - 20.00 lbs. $35.16


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