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Roquefort Bio

Roquefort Bio

from France by Papillon
3.5 oz chilled $17.48 $17.48 2100301
12 x 3.5 oz chilled $15.73 $188.76 2100302

Roquefort Bio

Roquefort Bio is an authentic French sheep cheese created the traditional way for an organic and outstanding product. Roquefort is made from the milk of ewes that feed around the limestone cliffs of southern France's Aveyron region. The milk is ripened in caves, giving it a distinct ivory rind and creamy body marked with blue streaked cavities.

Roquefort Bio is particularly special for its completely natural, organic origins. The AB logo on this product marks it as a certified organic product as recognized by the Agriculture Biologique. The result is a white and ivory-hued cheese with velvet-smooth texture and delicious flavor that leaves the palate wanting more. Buy cheese online so you can savor this superior delicacy that's leagues ahead of store-bought Roquefort. Enhance its flavor by drizzling it with honey, slicing it atop apple or pear chunks, or eating it alongside a sweet white wine or rosé.

Roquefort Bio is made by Roquefort Papillon, a French cheese organization with respect, innovation and the production of exceptional cheese at the top of their priorities. They adhere to strictest quality control and work in close cooperation with stockbreeders of the Lacaune breed sheep, ensuring all their cheeses are of immaculate taste, texture and quality.

Ingredients: Raw whole sheep's milk from organic farming, Salt, Animal Rennet, Lactic, Penicillium roqueforti
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