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Our Favorite Christmas Recipes for the Ultimate Holiday Feast

by Hannah Abaffy   |   November 27, 2020   |  

Everyone’s favorite time of year is almost here again. As Christmas quickly approaches, we’ve already started dreaming about all the tasty dishes we’ll soon be enjoying! The perfect holiday menu for your Christmas Day celebration, this delicious line-up includes some of our favorite festive recipes. Though we can’t celebrate with all our friends and family the way we're used to, we can still make this year special with some tasty holiday dishes. As we gather ‘round the table, this December we may have slightly fewer guests, but on the upside, that means more room for food! This dinner party menu we’ve compiled could easily be used on Christmas eve or Christmas Day itself and boasts classics like our Buche de Noel Yule Log Cake as well as some fresh inspiration for seasonal sides and appetizers. So break out the holiday plates and turn on your favorite Christmas tunes because we’ve got a lot of cooking to do!

Prosciutto Ham, Baked Pears and Mozzarella Burrata Appetizer Recipe

A cinch to throw together, our Prosciutto, pear, and mozzarella bundles make a gorgeous addition to any celebration and pack a whole lot of flavor into each bite. Baked in honey and Italian Balsamic harvest pears are imbued with a complex sweetness that sets off the salty flavor of cured ham while creamy burrata marries the whole thing together, rounding out the dish and softening it. Easy to personalize, you can substitute pears for what's in-season local to you. Try using figs, peaches, or any other fruit you fancy as the sweet element in this dish.

Truffled Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

The perfect go-to side dish, scalloped potatoes, gets a gourmet twist with the addition of shavings of fresh black truffle and aromatic truffle oil. To ensure a rich and creamy finish, we opt for a blend of Gouda and Parmigiano Reggiano. These two kinds of cheese combine to give you the perfect amount of melty cheesiness, while the sharp characteristics of the Parmigiano highlight the woodsy notes of the truffle. Ideal for special occasions like Christmas where a mix of flavor and decadence is in order.

Pork Tenderloin Stuffed With Gorgonzola and Cognac Figs Recipe

Trade in the typical Prime Rib or Turkey for this delightful whole pork tenderloin. Stuffed with flavorful Gorgonzola cheese and Cognac infused figs, this decadent dish will elevate your whole holiday menu to the next level. A wonderfully balanced recipe, our stuffed tenderloin combines a lot of bold flavors in such a masterful way that they meld into one exquisite harmony of taste. The sharp Italian cheese with its butter-like texture combined with the chew of sweet figs and the savory hit of our Berkshire pork tenderloin is a match made in gastronomic heaven.

Buche Noel Yule Log Cake Recipe

A Yule Log may make you think of a cozy crackling fire, but in this case, it comes in the form of a luxurious chocolate cake! The classic French Christmas dessert, our Buche de Noel is a delicious tradition we make year after year. Shaped like a Yule Log, we stuffed ours with sumptuous whipped cream, but this recipe adapts well to a host of fillings. From silken chocolate ganache to chestnut cream or salted caramel, use your favorite to personalize this cake for your tastes. For an authentic look, finish it by texturizing the icing to resemble tree bark and dotting the top and sides with homemade meringue mushrooms. For a final flourish, be sure to sift a little icing sugar over the whole thing to give the effect of snow. A gorgeous addition to your celebratory Christmas table, this beautiful cake will have your whole family in awe of the look and taste of this lovely holiday dessert!

From enticing appetizers and luxurious side dishes to a succulent main course and a decadent dessert, our holiday menu has something to suit every taste and preference. Try any or all of our delicious Christmas recipes today to add a fun and festive flair to your usual holiday line up. A completed menu in itself, pick and choose your favorites to try, and feel free to personalize them to suit you and your family’s preferences and dietary needs. Carefully crafted, our recipes are easily scalable to suit the size of your gathering and can be changed and altered to fit your appetites. Most importantly, remember that all the ingredients for our dishes are just a click away at Gourmet Food Store.

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