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Flash Frozen Sliced Duck Foie Gras

from Canada by Markys
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
20 slices, 1.75 oz each chilled $66.85 $147.07 1718901
5 x 20 slices, 1.75 oz each chilled $60.17 $661.87 1718902

Flash Frozen Sliced Duck Foie Gras

A long-standing favorite among chefs and gourmands around the world, Foie Gras is one of those luxury foods you have to taste to believe. With a texture akin to velvet and an intoxicatingly complex flavor, once you’ve tried it, you won't want to stop!

Our flash-frozen Duck Foie Gras is hand-cut and portioned into individual servings (roughly 2-ounces per slice), which are then vacuum-packed singly so you can thaw only one, or all of them, depending on your needs. This process of flash-freezing is the best technique for keeping that rich and opulent texture and maintaining that distinct flavor we love. Deveined and ready to be cooked, our Duck Foie Gras medallions can be thrown straight onto the pan to sear.

Being a specialty food item, the rules and regulations around Foie Gras are many and exacting. Foie Gras may only be made from the fatted liver of Geese or Ducks. Of which only two kinds of Ducks are deemed worthy: the Musk and the Moulard. While traditionalists believe that Goose liver is the one true form of Foie Gras, many have come to prefer the more robust taste of Duck, and it has come to now dominate the market, accounting for 90% of the Foie Gras made.

We recommend serving your Duck Foie Gras seared, alongside toast or slices of a simple country loaf. Complemented best by sweet flavors, the addition of a sweet onion conserve, or fruit, is always a welcome inclusion. No matter how you choose to enjoy your Duck Foie Gras, we’re certain that its unparalleled flavor will have you reaching for seconds.

Ingredients: Duck Foie Gras
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.

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Questions and Answers

Q:Is that grade A foie gras?
A:Yes, the Flash Frozen Sliced Duck Foie Gras are grade A foie gras.

Product Pricing Per Pound

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Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
1718901 20 slices, 1.75 oz each 1.90 lbs. - 2.40 lbs. $66.85
1718901 20 slices, 1.75 oz each 1.90 lbs. - 2.40 lbs. $66.85
1718902 5 x 20 slices, 1.75 oz each 9.50 lbs. - 12.00 lbs. $60.17
1718902 5 x 20 slices, 1.75 oz each 9.50 lbs. - 12.00 lbs. $60.17
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