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Heart Shaped Blini - 6 pc

from United States by Markys
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Heart Shaped Blini - 6 pc

Blini: that all-purpose Eastern-European pancake is delicious served in a multitude of ways. The perfect base for everything from the classic pairings of creme fraiche and caviar to a rolled and folded stuffed blini filled with fruit preserves. Now cuter than ever, you’ll love serving your favorite toppings on these delicate heart-shaped blini.

If you enjoy a good appetizer, look no further than our dainty heart-shaped blini! Each package contains six individual heart-shaped blini. Ideal for caviar smoked salmon and so much more. A delectable starter: you’ll love the versatility of these tasty little pancakes. Delicious on their own or with a myriad of toppings.

What is a Blini?

Native to Russian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian cuisines, blinis have become a favorite across Europe. A yeasted pancake typically made from wheat, buckwheat, or a combination of the two, blinis are as versatile as they are tasty. Varying in size and width, depending on the region in which they’re made, they serve as the perfect all-purpose foundation for savory and sweet fillings and toppings.

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