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Gourmet Food StoreCaviarOsetra CaviarEmperior American Osetra White Sturgeon Caviar - Malossol
Emperior American Osetra White Sturgeon Caviar

Emperior American Osetra White Sturgeon Caviar - Malossol

from United States by Emperior
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Emperior American Osetra White Sturgeon Caviar - Malossol

The medium to large grains of the American White Osetra Sturgeon are prized for their generous size and mild flavor profile. Often compared to its namesake, the Caspian Osetra, the American White Sturgeon, boasts many of the same flavor characteristics. Both smooth and robust with nutty notes, the depth and luxurious quality of our Emperior White Osetra is an excellent choice for anyone who loves the taste of classic Russian caviars.

Produced from the Acipenser Transmontanus, also known as the Pacific Sturgeon, the American white Osetra is the largest of the domestic Sturgeon weighing in at as much as one thousand pounds when fully grown. Its massive size translates to delightfully large eggs that offer a pleasant pop and a luxurious buttery finish. Their coloring ranges from a pearlescent grey to a striking jet black, making them an aesthetic addition to almost any dish.

Our Osetra White Sturgeon caviar is processed in the Malossol manner. This method of adding salt to caviar; is reserved for only the highest quality roes. Add just 3-5% salt; this range is said to be the ideal amount of salt to both preserve the caviar and enhance its natural flavors. Hand-selected and carefully salted using this ancient Russian technique, there’s no effort spared to ensure every tin of Emperior caviar you receive is of the very highest quality!

Ingredients: White sturgeon roe, salt.
Storage: 29-32 F
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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