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Pink Trout Roe Caviar

from France by Markys
Item description Temp PRICE PER OZ Price Qty Sku
1 oz, glass jar chilled $16.20 $16.20
2 oz, glass jar chilled $11.70 $23.40
4 oz, glass jar chilled $9.00 $36.00
8 oz, glass jar chilled $7.43 $59.40
17.6 oz tin chilled $6.75 $118.80
35.2 oz tin chilled $6.39 $225.00

Pink Trout Roe Caviar

A small to medium sized French caviar, trout is beautiful to look at thanks to its vibrant red color, but also delicious to eat, with a sweet flavor that's never fishy. Trout roe tends to have a sticky consistency, so enjoy this as a garnish or piled atop a canape with crème fraiche.
Storage: refrigerated/frozen
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Type: Trout and Carp
Packaging: Individual Caviars
Brand: Markys
Color: Orange
Origin: French

Product Reviews

Good budget roe. Eggs were very firm and needed to be chewed
Jacqueline from Helena, MT
Very fresh. The eggs were taut and took a fair amount of pressure to pop - an indication of freshness. Flavorful and reasonably priced.
Andrea from Siler City, NC
I like the texture and taste, but the size makes them just small enough to be frustratingly hard to line up and pop!
Mike from Rochester, MN
David from Oxnard, CA
love it
kristina from tulsa, OK

Questions and Answers

Q:How many hours after I order trout roe to receive? I am trying to understand with a dinner party on the 30th of July when to order and if I need place in refrigeration or freezer?
A:The Pink Trout Roe Caviar is a perishable item that requires Overnight (Next Day) delivery. The cut off time for same day shipping is currently 2 PM EST for orders placed between Monday-Thursday. The shelf life is 3 weeks unopened and refrigerated.
Q:Can you freeze all caviars or only a select few
A:Caviar should not be frozen, as the freezing process can damaged the roe membrane and alter the flavor.
Q:Is the trout for trout caviar raised organically?
A:The roe comes from trout that is farm raised. Unfortunately it is not certified organic.
Q:Hi I was wondering if this product is farm raised??
A:Yes, the Pink Trout Roe Caviar comes from farm raised fish.
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