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A Greek Getaway: The Foods of Greece

by Albertina Roca   |   February 24, 2016   |  

An introduction to the flavorful foods and dishes of Greece -  plump, meaty olives, dips and spreads made with  fresh ingredients that pack bold flavor like hummus and tzaziki, a medley of fresh cheeses like feta, and always a good drizzle of silky olive oils from the sun-kissed groves of Mediterranean islands for good measure.


Greek Meze Food Platter

Above: A classic Greek meze spread

This spring, we’re introducing our fabulous Greek Collection featuring the luxurious organic olive oils and olives from Esti, Ifantis Greek Dips, plus select Greek cheeses… just about all you need for a "Mezze party"! And what is a mezze, you ask? Well, let's take a culinary tour of Greece and find out!

A Mezze or meze is a sort of appetizer course, much like the antipasto platter of Italy, or the tapas of Spain. It’s assortment of small dishes or plates that are usually served to accompany drinks or cocktails, and then followed by the main meal and main courses.

A Greek meze selection typically includes a variety of dips, olives, cheeses, and pita. But you really can just serve anything you have at hand, as the idea is to welcome guests or savor a sunset while you snack on some of Greek’s best offerings. Because the types of Greek food served at meze is usually found jarred or preserved, it’s one of the most versatile style of eating that you can do – perfect for impromptu cocktail parties, drop-in guests or a warm night on the porch.


Ifantis Greek Dips

Above: An assortment of traditional Greek spreads by Ifantis -Hummus, Tzatziki, Taramas and Htipiti.

Thanks to an amazing selection of incredibly authentic Greek dips, you don’t need to waste any time chopping and preparing to get a taste of Greece. We carry an assortment of classic and deliciosu Greek spreads like hummus, tzatsiki, hpiti and others.  Just set them out in colorful plates and platters – Greek blue, if you have them!

Tzatziki Dip: An authentic Greek "meze" (appetizer), this tangy Tzatziki dip is a refreshing blend of thick and creamy strained yogurt with cool cucumber, balanced with a touch of garlic and fragrant parsley. Light, creamy and rich, this sauce is served by itself with warm pita, or paired with grilled meats like lamb or chicken. Tzatziki is also great for giving texture and flavor to potato salad, gyro and souvlaki.

Hummus Dip: Simple yet oh-so-delicious, this Hummus dip is a thick and creamy spread made by blending plump chickpeas with tahini, a sesame paste. You'll find hummus presented in many cuisines, especially Middle Eastern, Greek, Turkish and North African. Mild and versatile, it's great served an appetizer dip with warm pita and crudites, or integrated to dishes like falafel or grilled meats.

Taramas, Taramasalta and Pita bread

Above: Taramas and Taramasalata dip and Pita bread

Greek Eggplant Dip Melitzanosalata: Mild yet flavorful, this Roasted Eggplant dip is inspired on a popular Greek appetizer. The smoky flavors of the roasted aubergines are blended with smooth olive oil, Florina peppers and a touch of garlic and fragrant parsley. Serve this right out of the fridge with slices of pita bread or freshly cut crudites.

Tarama Carp Roe Caviar: This colorful Greek caviar will add flavor to your appetizers. Small orange beads of carp roe that have been cured in salt for more than a year for a boost of flavor, Tarama is typically used to prepared the classic Taramosalata spread. Serve on toast or bread, or make your own delicious and authentic Greek Taramosalata

Taramosalata Caviar Spread: A classic Greek caviar spread or dip, Taramosalata (also called Taramasalata) is a must-eat for all Greek cuisine lovers (although it's also eaten in Turkey). It's made with Taramas, aged and salted carp roe, mixed with olive oil and lemon juice. Served as a meze (appetizer), this rich and salty dip is paired with vegetables, breads like pita, or crackers.


classic rabbit stew recipe

Kalamata Olives: The Greek olive par excellence, the meaty eggplant-hued Kalamata is a beloved table olive. This shiny purple olive is rich and fruity, with a distinct smoky flavor. Preserve in brine, they develop an even stronger, sweeter flavor. Perfect for tapenades, and also great in salads, antipasto, pizza and pasta - just remember to take the pit out for cooking!

Kalamon Olive Spread: Similar to a smoky tapenade, Esti's Organic Kalamon Olive Spread is a blend of meaty Kalamata olives harvested from exclusively organic olive groves, organic oregano from the Taygetos Mountains and their award-winning organic extra virgin olive oil. Rich, flavorful, fruity and delicious, it's perfect for smoothing over crusty breast for a fabulous appetizer.

Sitia Lasithiou Kritis P.D.O Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Made from Koroneiki olives that are grown in the sun-kissed region of Sitia, in the island of Crete, Greece, this Protected Designation of Origin (DPO) extra virgin olive oil is acclaimed for its superb fruity flavor and delicate texture. Well-balanced and with a superbly rich fruity aroma, it has just enough of a hint of pepper to make it incredibly interesting.

Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It's thought that one of the reasons so many Greeks live to 100 years is that their diet is so rich in olives and olive oil. So it's no surprise that some of the best olive oils come from this sunny, ocean-kissed country. Esti's Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from the Koroneiki olive varietal, harvested in the region of Messinia, Greece. Low acidity, a lovely bright green color and a fruity taste with distinct notes of apples.


greek feta cheese

Above: Greek Feta Cheese by Ifantis, Kefalotiri Cheese by Krinos and Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Spread by Mt. Vikos. 

Greek Feta Cheese: A classic Greek Feta cheese made with sheep's milk collected from farms in Thessaly. Tangy, salty, with a great crumbly texture.

Kefalotiri Cheese A hard sheep's milk cheese from Greece, Kefalotiri cheese is thought to date back to the Byzantine era. Like most sheep's milk cheeses, Kefalotiri salty and tangy. Good for melting, grate over pasta, incorporate to omelets and casseroles, or add a Greek twist to your grilled cheese. Also great when served on a cheese board with sweet fresh fruit for contrast.


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