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Whole Black Italian Summer Truffles - Flash Frozen

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0.25 lbs chilled $300.87 $75.22 1812801
40 x 0.25 lbs chilled $270.79 $2707.90 1812802

Whole Black Italian Summer Truffles - Flash Frozen

Flash-frozen at the peak of their flavor, enjoy the beguiling taste of our Black Summer truffles all year long! Aromatic and flavorful, these delightful tubers from Italy are bursting with complex tastes. The perfect addition to any dish, use these whole truffles by grating them over your foods to add a tasty dimension. Toss a few slivers on top of your meals as a garnish, or swirl them directly into anything from pasta to scrambled eggs to infuse it with that black truffle flavor.

Our Italian truffles are bursting with all the aromatic qualities one expects from a truffle. A gourmand’s delight, truffles are one of the most sought-after ingredients in the world. Spawning an incredible number of products and imitations, from oils and salts infused with their singular flavor to truffle juice, paste, and so much more. If it carries the heady aroma and flavor of the black truffle, it’s sure to be a favorite among anyone who tries it.

Italian black truffles vary widely in size and shape, and have a rounded and lumpy exterior, complete with a rough and highly texturized skin, said to look like that of an alligator. Its interior, in contrast, is a pale beige, lightly veined, and distinctly spongey. The black truffles' unique aroma and mild, delicate flavor are reminiscent of that other famous earthy Italian delight, the porcini mushroom. Combined with garlic and notes of hazelnut, its complexity and nuance leave nothing to be desired.

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Types of Truffles: Fresh Frozen Truffles
Truffles by Color: Black Truffles
Truffle Season: Summer
Truffle Origin: Italian Truffles
Truffle Species: Tuber Aestivum Vitt

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Questions and Answers

Q:How long will the flash-frozen truffles last? In the freezer?
A:Flash Frozen truffles will last for about 5 days kept in the freezer. If they start to thaw they need to be used as soon as possible.
Q:How much truffle will I need for 18 people shaved over each serving of risotto ?
A:Depending on the quantity you want to use you will need 4-6oz.

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Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
1812801 0.25 lbs 0.22 lbs. - 0.28 lbs. $300.87
1812801 0.25 lbs 0.22 lbs. - 0.28 lbs. $300.87
1812802 40 x 0.25 lbs 8.80 lbs. - 11.20 lbs. $270.79
1812802 40 x 0.25 lbs 8.80 lbs. - 11.20 lbs. $270.79
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