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2018 Food Trends We Love

February 13, 2018   |   by

What's hot (literally, soup and spices) for 2018 in food? Let's find out! We're well into the year and whether you're looking to drop some pounds, eat more healthfully, or just experiment with new flavors, cooking techniques or ingredients, stay ahead of the pack with these food trends that we'll be seeing - and eating - all throughout 2018! 

Floral taste


2018 Food Trends Florals

Above: La vie en rose: Rose petal Eclair.

Whether adding fresh (edible) flowers to finished dishes or infusing drinks, cocktails or other foods with floral essences and extracts like Lavender or Rose, flower power is definitely on trends for 2018. Thick crushed rose petals or lavender flowers over brownies and shortbread cookies, rose Turkish delight, and rose cocktails like Rosewater Manhattans and Rose Martinis - even Rose Frozen Pops!

Moroccan Flavors and Middle Eastern Spices


2018 Food Trends Moroccan Spices

Above: spice up your culinary life! Moroccan spices will brighten our dishes in 2018.

It's all about the spices in this trend that takes us on a culinary trek to colorful, flavorful Morocco! Think cumin, coriander, cardamom, za'aatar, ras el hanout and the sweet heat of harissa, all giving life to other classic Middle Eastern ingredients like lamb dishes and halloumi. To stay on trend, add other traditional foods like gorgeous pomegranate, herbs like parsley and mint.

Earl Grey


2018 Food Trends Earl Grey

Above: Early Grey Panna Cotta. Photo: Janice Lawandi (©2010–2016).

It seems like the classics are back, and there's something about this floral tea blend that's taking the culinary world by storm. We're seeing Earl Grey everywhere in the kitchen these days, from Earl Grey cakes, cupcakes and even macarons! But the trend goes beyond baking, with the brew front and center in cocktails like the Lady Jane, Earl Grey Fizz and the Sherlock and Watson, as well as smoothies and Earl Grey Mocha Lattes. A plus: it also pairs great with the floral flavor trends, so you can try it combined with lavender and rose petals and extracts.

Sustainable Foods and Heritage Breeds


2018 Food Trends Sustainable Food Meats

Above: sustainable, pasture raised grass fed beef is the meat of 2018.

In a world of mass consumption, it's sometimes nice to know that what we're eating is making a difference, however small, and consumers are definitely noticing. Farm reared, humanely raised beef and other meats is what we're eating in 2018, animals that come from smaller farms, family-owned operations where animal well-being is paramount and that eschew the use of hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Sustainable farming practices that will help prevent further damage to the environment and that allow us to enjoy our foods is what the focus is on for this year.

Edible Gold


2018 Food Trends Edible Gold Leaf

Above: Gilded wedding cake decorated with gold leaf.

We love this opulent trend! Edible gold is all the rage this year, showing up in gilded cakes (look out for gold wedding cakes this year), macarons, doughnuts (yes!), but also in cocktails (champagne plus gold, what could be more naturally luxurious!). Champagne gummy bears, gold leaf cake pops, cookies, we'll be making this the most luxe, shiny and bright year yet!

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