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Discover French Fruit Purees by Boiron

by Hannah Abaffy   |   May 21, 2020   |  

A true inspiration Les Vergers Boiron has been at the forefront of the frozen fruit and produce industry for the past fifty years. Employing their state of the art technology, Boiron has managed to successfully merge science and the culinary arts to create some of the finest fruit purees on the market. With products that are unmatched in terms of taste, color, and exceptionally consistent quality, their high standards, and progressive outlook have made Boiron’s award-winning products a favorite among chefs and epicures around the world.

Currently the largest producers of fruit and vegetable purees, coulis, and concentrates, it’s hard to believe that Boiron, like so many companies, was a very small, family operated business just a few short years ago. Les Vergers Boiron, was first started in the picturesque Ardéche region located in the south of France. Nestled between the stately peaks of the Alpine mountain range and the Rhone valley, Boiron began as a small fruit trading company. Experiencing rapid growth, within a handful of years they had moved shop from the sleepy region of Ardéche to the famed Rungis market of Paris. Spotting a hole in the market, Boiron began to set about looking for practical and consistent ways to sell their fruits year-round. With an eye towards the future, Les Vergers Boiron started experimenting with their produce, creating preliminary samples of the fruit purees they are known for today.

After persistent testing and experimentation, Pierre Boiron, the founder’s son, came up with a revolutionary way to capture and preserve the amazing taste of fruits at their peak. Using a pasteurization process individualized to each fruit and vegetable, they were able to create intensely flavorful purees that tasted just as good as a ripe and juicy fruit picked straight from the vine. This specialized method ensures that the maximum amount of flavor and color is retained from each piece of produce. A brilliant development, the Boiron method remains the single best way to preserve produce at its peak and is still employed today.

By 1970 Boiron had perfected its pasteurization method and was the first business to launch frozen fruit purees onto the open market. The introduction of their revolutionary product marked a real breakthrough in the world of food and pastry. Since those first days, Les Vergers Boiron has continued to press the limits of what natural purees can do, consistently reworking their approach to achieve better results and offer the consumer more valuable options. With the introduction of blended fruit purees, vegetable-based products, coulis, concentrates, and more, Boiron has held its place at the forefront of the industry. Not content with simply making the best tasting products, Les Vergers Boiron has also placed special importance on the functionality of their foods, creating thoughtfully made, and carefully designed packaging for each of their exceptional offerings. This effective combination has made them a chef favorite and an industry-standard throughout the years.

Partnering with some of the best chefs and recipe developers in the world, Boiron operates with an emphasis not on what we have, but what we will need in the future, creating products that are as versatile and multi-faceted as they are delicious. Effective in a wide range of applications, chefs use Boiron purees for anything from traditional frozen desserts, like ice creams and sorbets to imagination defying Haute pastry and even savory dishes! Here are a few examples to help you use your Boiron products to their full potential.

Frozen Desserts

There is no end of the possibilities when it comes to delicious fruit concentrates and purees. Fruit ice creams and sorbets, parfaits and frozen yogurts, all benefit from their exceptional flavor. Use these purees as the main flavoring ingredient in sorbets or granitas, or swirl them through creamy ice creams, frozen yogurts, or custards, for generous bites of bright flavor!


Add the intense flavor of fruits and vegetables captured at their zenith to all your favorite savory mains. We love adding Boiron purees to sauces and marinades. From bechamel and dressings to flavored emulsions and mousses, with Boirons delightful concentrates and purees, simply combine them as you would any other ingredient. Perfect in hot or cold soups, their range of excellent flavors allows you to get creative in the kitchen mixing and tasting until you achieve perfection.


When it comes to the world of mixology, Boiron’s purees and flavorings are right at home. Cocktail artists use their amazing products to create out of this world artisanal cocktails boasting flavors and textures that will blow you away. Especially good in smashes, where fruit is the main attraction, try mixing them into tropical drinks as well. A delicious fruit puree tastes amazing in anything from a daiquiri to a sling or a swizzle.

With a selection of more than 70, 100% natural products that are completely free of colorings, preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, and GMOs, there are a lot of options to choose from. The succulent and intense taste of Boiron’s fantastic products inspires everything from muffins and salad dressings to canapes and cocktails. Begin enhancing your dishes with the simple, pure, and unadulterated flavor of fresh produce, picked at its prime!

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