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Fettucine - Fresh Frozen Pasta

from United States
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Fettucine - Fresh Frozen Pasta

It’s never been easier to serve delicious al dente pasta to your customers than with our fresh-frozen fettuccine! All the wonderful tastes and textures of freshly made pasta, but with none of the time or valuable kitchen real estate required. Prepared in the traditional manner, our fresh-frozen pasta is made from only the finest ingredients available.

Using time tested methods, we create each batch of pasta just the way they would in Tuscany or Rome! Using fresh eggs and Tippo 00 Durum wheat flour, to create that rich flavor and the signature chew of pasta fresca! The fattest and widest noodle in the Italian, long-noodle pasta family, Fettuccine is not only wider than say Linguine or Spaghetti, but it’s also thicker, making it a universal favorite for pasta lovers around the world!

Where some frozen pastas have the habit of clumping and sticking together. Our pasta is carefully sprinkled with oil after it’s cut and shaped then frozen. This layer of fat prevents clumping during the freezing process and allows you to get just the right amount of pasta every time. Simply drop your pasta into hot water and allow it to cook until al dente. Ready in under a minute, leave dinner to us this time!

One of the most popular kinds of pasta available in the world Fettuccine is the base of so many of our favorite recipes. The perfect thickness, this hefty noodle holds sauces beautifully and is thick enough to provide a pleasant amount of chew with each bite. Wonderfully slurpable, twirl your way to culinary bliss with our sensational fresh-frozen Fettuccine.

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Pantry Categories: Pasta
Origin: United States

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