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Cuquillo Black Olives

from Spain by Encurtidos Murcianos
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Cuquillo Black Olives

Cuquillo black olives are appreciated for their exceptional taste and distinctive appearance. These olives are smaller, elongated, and boast a deep, ebony hue. Their texture is tender, with a flesh that almost melts in your mouth. Encurtidos Murcianos has perfected the art of preserving olives, ensuring they retain their authentic character.

The Mediterranean’s love for olives runs deep, and these Cuquillo Black Olives are a shining example of the Spanish dedication to culinary quality and tradition. A versatile ingredient, enjoy as a stand alone or elegant appetizer, accentuate salads, or provide a sophisticated touch to your tapas platter. Their rich, robust flavor with hints of sweetness and a slight bitterness makes them an ideal companion for wine and cheese gatherings.

Whether you're indulging in them on their own or incorporating them into your culinary creations, these olives promise an authentic taste of Spain.

Ingredients: Black cuquillo olives, water, salt, citric acid.
Storage: Keep refrigerated once open
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types of Condiments: Olives and Olive Spreads
Brand: Encurtidos Murcianos
Origin: Spain

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