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Diafragma Iberico Bellota - Iberico Pork Skirt

from Spain by Finca Helechal
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Diafragma Iberico Bellota - Iberico Pork Skirt

Most commonly referred to as “skirt,” thanks to its similarities with beef skirt steak, this delightful portion is flavorful, juicy, and versatile, making it a universal favorite. A soft muscle pork skirt is sourced from the diaphragm of the pig hence its Spanish name: Diafragma Iberico de Bellota. The steady movement of the muscle results in a well-marbled portion that boasts both tenderness and exquisite flavor.

As versatile as it is tasty, you can use this Spanish pork for everything. Equally delicious prepared on the grill, you’ll love it featured in fajitas, ranchera, and chinese stir-fries. At its best when quickly and lightly cooked to medium-rare, this is a quick to cook portion everyone will love. Enhance it with a flavorful marinade and slice against the grain.

What is Iberico Pork?

This special pork is thought of by many as the best meat in the world. Known as the Wagyu of pork, Iberico de Bellota pork is derived from 100% acorn-fed and finished Iberian Pata Negra hogs. Allowed to roam-free ranging through the acorn forests of the Iberian Peninsula, their unique diet provides the meat with a delicate nutty flavor profile. Beautifully and evenly marbled throughout, the generous proportion of fat to meat imbues this meat with extra juicy flavor. Antibiotic-free and GMO-free, Iberico pork is rich in monunsaturated fatty acids and is widely considered one of the healthiest meats on the market.

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Meat and Game: Iberico Pork, Pork
Cuts: Skirt
Origin: Spain

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2064202 2 x 1 lb 1.40 lbs. - 2.60 lbs. $26.42
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