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Our Favorite DIY Halloween Recipes

Albertina Roca
  |   October 10, 2023   |  

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and for many, the most wonderful, fun time of the year! Halloween is upon us, and whether you’re staying in and watching scary movies or hosting a grand Halloween monster mash, you’ll want to add these scary-good recipes to your menu.

Dark Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes With Gold Dust Recipe

halloween cupcakes

Instead of going the traditional orange-pumpkiny route, take things over to the dark side with our Dark Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes recipe. These totally Instragram-worthy black cupcakes are gilded with gold dust for that extra touch of magical glamour that we just love. But you can easily make these more kid-friendly with orange sprinkles.

French Black Macarons with White Chocolate Orange Ganache Recipe

black macarons

We are fans of the gothic trend, if you couldn’t tell! So we went all out and developed this recipe for dark-as-night French macarons. If the thought of making macarons at home is more scary than a haunted house, take a deep breath and repeat after us: – yes, you can! Think of them as cookies, but way more elegant and sophisticated. We filled them with a rich white chocolate ganache tinted with orange food coloring.

Spiderweb Soup Halloween Recipe

halloween soup

If you’re hosting a Halloween dinner party, you’ll need something more substantial than just sugary treats, and this hearty pumpkin Spiderweb Soup fits the bill. It’s rich and delicious, and the webbing gives it that thematic look we’re looking for. Just a simple toothpick and some crème fraiche, and you’ll weave a tangled web indeed!

Chocolate Dipped Halloween Apples Recipe

candy apples

These delicious chocolate Halloween apples are easy to make, fun to display, and delicious to eat! It's a treat you'll love making with kids, or just as an excuse for adults to make Halloween more festive. Use your favorite apples, and you'll get extra points if they're organic. Make sure to pick firm, fresh apples without any bruises.

Spooky Halloween Chocolate Cake with Merengue Ghosts Recipe

halloween chocolate cake

This cake is the ultimate centerpiece – don’t be surprised if guests pose for pictures all night long! But it’s not only looks – it’s also rich and delicious, a moist chocolate cake covered in cream cheese frosting tinted with just enough food coloring to make it dark and mysterious. The adorable little “ghosts” are made with Italian meringue, which is fully cooked, making it perfectly suitable for children.

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Albertina Roca

Meet Albertina, a seasoned food writing wordsmith and marketing creative split between the sizzling vibes of Miami and the charming streets of Buenos Aires. With a solid 20 years in the traditional and digital advertising world for the gourmet food industry, she’s mastered the art of making words as mouthwatering as the dishes they describe. She’s proudly been part of the Gourmet Food Store family (and its brands) since its very beginnings, and what a fun, flavor-packed journey it has been!

Her journey began at Rutgers College, where she studied in History and Political Science, with a minor in English Lit (where are my Jane Austen fans at?). She honed her craft at The Miami Ad School in South Beach, where creativity and copy collided under the South Florida Sun. From the neon streets of South Beach to the tango beats of Buenos Aires, her pen dances with the rhythm of whatever gastronomic tales she gets to write at the time.

Currently savoring life in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she’s bilingual in English and Spanish, an avid reader, and cheese addict.

Her writing? Seasoned with creativity, spiced with experience, and garnished with a dash of wit.

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