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Black Cocoa Powder

from United States by Noel
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Black Cocoa Powder

This ultra dutched black cocoa powder from Cacao Noel will add a boost of deep color and a luxurious chocolate flavor to all your creations. The perfect addition to brownies, cakes, cookies, or even smoothies. Achieve superior flavor and a striking hue with this jet-black cocoa powder. Boasting a relatively low-fat content (10%), we love mixing this black cocoa powder with other high-quality naturally processed varieties. By mixing and combining, you can achieve a more nuanced and deeply chocolatey flavor while maintaining the rich and sumptuous look offered by black cocoa. Mix, taste, and experiment until you find your perfect ratio!

The difference between natural and dutch-processed cocoa powder is relatively simple. Treated with an alkaline solution, dutch processed cocoa powder’s acidity is neutralized, whereas natural powders remain acidic. This alkaline treatment not only reduces acidity but is also responsible for the darker coloring and variation in flavor. Natural cocoa powder, along with its acidity and lighter coloring, also has a more nuanced taste on the palate with distinctly fruity notes. The darker dutch-processed varieties have a milder, more subdued flavor.

Smooth and delicate in taste, black cocoa powder dissolves more easily into recipes, imbuing its deep, jet black coloring quickly. A universal favorite among pastry chefs and cake decorators who want to create striking desserts with intense colors naturally. Avoid artificial colorants and boost taste with black cocoa. Sold in three-pound bags, they are available singly or in bulk cases of six. So whether you’re an avid home baker trying to enhance the look and taste of their desserts or a busy chef in a commercial kitchen, get the amounts you require easily and quickly right here at Gourmet Food Store!

Ingredients: Alkalized Black Cocoa Powder
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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Questions and Answers

Q:Hello, who is the manufacturer of the black cocoa powder?
A:This is a Noel brand black cocoa powder.
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