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Evreyskaya Salami

from United States by Markys
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1 lb chilled $20.77 $20.77 2020901

Evreyskaya Salami

Fellow meat enthusiasts, you’re in for a real treat. This classic salame is made following careful adherence to the traditional Russian taste. Powerful flavors are conjured from high quality ingredients, particularly the beef. Harvested from the finest cattle, it’s then ground and seasoned with garlic and spices. All that juicy, succulent meat is stuffed into a natural casing and hand-tied. The intense curing process coaxes from the meat an array of subtle flavors that would otherwise be missing.

You can enjoy this gluten-free, versatile sausage with anything from a fancy meal to a luncheon-based lunch to a simple family picnic. Combine it with crackers, add it to a salami platter, or use it as an elegant substitute for pepperoni on your next homemade pizza.

This salame was created with great care by Alef Sausage Inc. Since 2000 this Chicago-based manufacturer has acquired an excellent reputation for its preparation of gourmet sausages. Using traditional European and Russian recipes – in conjunction with innovative modern techniques – Alef offers over forty types of sausages and meat delicacies, distributed in over thirty states, as well as in Canada. With such a wide range of luxury meat on offer, they’re sure to satisfy even the most extravagant palate.

Ingredients: beef, salt, sugar, garlic, spices, sodium nitrite.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Smoked/Cured Meats: Salami and Dry Sausage
Origin: United States

Product Reviews

Close to pepperoni, good beef flavor, & low salt.
William from St. Petersburg, FL
this is all about personal taste and a little of my ignorance -there is a skin on this very very hard smoked evreyskaya. the skin has white writing all over it with the nutrition info then it gets stuck on knife but is impossible to peel. I just didnt know how to serve it and didnt like eating ink.

Questions and Answers

Q:How long does Evreyskaya dry salami keep in the refrigerator? I live in Michigan and have tasted this salami when visiting our son in Florida. We really enjoy it and I am wondering about shipping to Upper Michigan
A:The shelf life of this salami is 2-3 weeks refrigerated.

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2020901 1 lb 0.80 lbs. - 1.20 lbs. $20.77
2020901 1 lb 0.80 lbs. - 1.20 lbs. $20.77
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